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Questions about FMT21 Switch Edition

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Hi all first time in ages i got FM on steam [for the last 3/4 years its been FMT/FMC. Last year i also got FMT for my Switch but was disappointed with the lack of a few things

No unlockables [which gave the FMC more of a fun easy way to get certain items like no sacking, work permits etc [or pay a few quid and buy them]
Only limited to 3 nations [which is the criteria for cloud saving but there was no such cloud saving......this can be done though as ive played Divinity Original Sin 2 and that has cloud saving/ steam saves]
Didnt get as many updates too [Obviously Sega/SI know on PC the community do a lot of database updates throughout the season but SI/Sega could have done a few more for the Switch as its a no go for community mods/addons etc]

Does anyone know if this years edition of FMT21 for the Switch has any of the above? Especially the first 2?

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