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[FM21] Championship Manager 2003-2004 database, ported up to FM21

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On 28/11/2021 at 18:06, Ruh Roh said:

Hey, I'm getting back to everything late. The latest version of the .fmf (editor data file) is here . If you want Spain to run, download the bonus FMFs too. I wanted to make a version of the save without attribute masking just so I could more easily find the "funny 20s" (players with a typo in their attributes), without having to use the interface of fm genie scout or whichever one it was. But I never got around to it.


I've been busy with IRL stuff but I'll get a version of this out for FM22. I already deleted the new FM22 players and remade the deleted 0304 players, which is the hardest task every year. Few odd jobs left (removing club history entries, removing new stuff like Newcastle's sugar daddy, probably shoving the Spanish clubs into the new format since I don't want to deal with the extra file again), plus I have to wait on SI to fix a bug with the added player entries. When they fix that I'll probably get it done in like a week. The start time for a new save looks much more manageable in FM22 (2-3 hours instead of 6-7), but maybe it won't be after they fix the bug, I don't know for sure.

No big deal but using the bonus .fmf files in conjuction with the initial .fmf (april version) and the initial database while creating my own save, does not make Spain playable for me.

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