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Feasible formations that make use of 4 (or even 5) attackers?

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Because I can't help but purchase the most talented young players available, and it seems that Star regens are disproportionately attackers (primarily attackers, with the occasional attacking mid/ winger), I wanted to make use of a formation that suits my lopsided roster.  I've considered a 4-2-4, but think I can do better.  Similarly, I've considered a formation with 2 strikers ahead of 2 attacking mids, but can't find any combination of roles that wouldn't make such a construction redundant.  The idea in which I'm most confident is a 4-2-3-1, because it allows me to use most of my best players with minimum re-training.  

It would look like this: 


 FB(A)                                          IF(A)

BPD (ST)             CM (S)                      

                                                     SS(A)           F9(S)

CD (COV)            CM (S)    

 FB(A)                                          IF(A)


I know it may seem too aggressive, but I handily win most league games, and for the most part am merely looking for a way to play my most promising players all at once to give them time to develop.  I will have alternate tactics for more even competition.  


My questions are primarily: 

1. Would the opponents third become overly crowded, and would that be at all fixed by converting one of the IFs to a Raumdeuter?

2. Are there any center mid roles that would work better than CM (S)?  I find most of them to be too specific, as I really just want a versatile player there that roams between defense and supporting the attack, but doesn't make the aggressive forward runs of a BBM.  

3. Are the central defender roles a logical pairing?  I want at least one BPD so that I can effectively play out of my defense, and like the idea of specialization with the stopper and cover duties, but would I be better served just leaving them both on defend?

4. Should I stick with this formation, assuming its relatively cogent, or play a little more with 4-2-4/ 4-2-2-2 variants?

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Forgive me, please, for spamming my own post.  With that being said, I know that I should probably have one midfielder with a defend duty, and would like to even have a defensive midfielder playing behind a central midfielder, to make what I guess would be a 4-1-1-3-1, but am worried that I would be sacrificing my interplay abilities by having so many lines. Is that a legitimate concern, or no?  

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Something I've done at Man United was my high-pressing take on a 433. Standard back 4, one CM on Defend in front (I used Bentancur as a BWM and he was brilliant), then have 4 forwards in the AM strata behind a striker. Can leave the midfield open at times but the attacking midfielders help us press much higher than the standard CMs, and we create lots of very nice chances with our 5 attackers. The defensive record has been really good too, thought I suspect the results would drop off quite a bit if you're not a big side with top players. 

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