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What is the purpose of player value?

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Every player has a player "value."

However this value, though it is given as an amount of money, has nothing to do with salary or transfer money. A player with a value of $350K might sell for $1.6 million.


What determines value? What use is it? What can it tell me a a manager?

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it's an ideal guide for "if I was to sell/buy him, this is the starting point"
I think it's a combination of contract payout, reputation, and form

obviously other circumstances affect the sell value too (such as your insane desire to get the player)

if you're paying 5x their recommended value, then (you should really take the hint) that they don't want to sell, and that you really want the player


I've seen players move for 90m (heck, City spent that much on Fede Valverde in Summer21) - is he worth 90m to me? probably not, but City wanted him, and they needed to pay a lot to do so

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