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I have a preseason tournament which is working but I'm not satisfied with its behavior regarding scheduling. This is an 8 team tournament with a Group A and Group B followed by a 4 team knockout. I have all games happening at a single host stadium.

I want the competition to run it's group phase from Saturday to the following Sunday: 2 games per day on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 2, and Sunday 2. Then the semifinals can happen Tuesday and Wednesday followed by a Saturday final.

However what I see happening is usually the early Tuesday group game does not happen and it gets pushed to the following Tuesday which pushes the schedule out. I can't figure out why this happens, I check and the involved teams do not have any scheduling conflict. This tournament happens in mid-July with European teams, nobody has any other games scheduled for this time. I've tried to schedule it a dozen different ways and it either doesn't verify or I see this inconsistent scheduling behavior.


The other issue I have is that I don't know how to ensure that the semifinals are seeded properly so that Group A winner plays Group B runner up. I could use some advice on how to implement that as well.



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It's like there's some setting I can't find which is not allowing it to schedule any game on a weekday afternoon. The Saturday and Sunday games schedule at 12:00 or 15:00 but weekday games will only be scheduled for the evening no matter what I do. But these are untelevised friendlies, I don't care if they're in the afternoon on a Tuesday.

Does anyone know how to allow afternoon weekday games to get scheduled?

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I was using offset dates and they generally worked but not reliably every time.

I think I have it fixed now though, even though it's not quite doing what I want, it is at least now fitting every game into the group stage week. I added Fixture Times and gave it 12:00, 15:00 and 19:30 so now it's scheduling 3 games on some weekend days but it is scheduling one afternoon weekday game which is enough to keep my schedule from slipping.

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1 hour ago, Wolf_pd said:

As Fredrik says, you can consider setting it via the fixture dates via this screen

Thanks for this, I was trying to set it within the stage as part of the league schedule but I will try it this way. I wasn't sure how to configure that panel so seeing this example is extremely helpful, thank you.

EDIT: Yes this works! Thank you so much

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