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Small bugs when terminating loan and team stats

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Hi, I noticed a small bug when I terminated Reinier's loan playing as Dortmund, while he was injured for 2 days after the first season (he has 2 season loan).

Then when he returned to Madrid, the press asked me if I'm frustrated because he got recalled by Real, even though I'm the one who terminated it, not Real. (it also says the wrong team name in the question)

One more thing I wanna mention thats not related to transfers, the team stats for goals conceded and cards is displayed in reverse order, for example the team with fewest goals conceded is displayed as the "Worst" in that stats instead of the best. You will see in the photo with Chelsea, it should be 4th best, not worst.

Thank you I hope you can communicate that to the other section teams and its fixed quickly.



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  • SI Staff

Hi @Den1ss

Are you able to upload a save game from around the time Reiner had his loan terminated (anytime before it happened ideally) and I can take a look.

The second issue is one we are aware of and is being amended for a future update.


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@Daniel WellsHey, thanks for the answer, unfortunately all my saves are past the date already cause I thought it wouldnt be needed,

But you can probably recreate that when you have a loaned player and he gets injured during a transfer window click on the inbox message that says "'Player' injured" and then the button to terminate loan, you will get the press question right after that. And of course the player must not have the clause "Loan cannot be terminated".

Thanks again!

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