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Too many messages on the Player Personal screen, no scroll, can't see important messages

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Hi. I think that because there are now too many messages on the Player Personal screen, we can't see the more important messages,

For example, Messi is friends with everyone:


But also I've been overplaying him for weeks. His condition is at about 90% before the game and hasn't been at 100% for clsoe to a month. Other players I've been doing the same for are showing Slightly Tired messages etc. Messi isn't. So either he's not Slightly Tired, or he is, but I just can't see it because of all the messages shown. 

Is there any way you can add a scroll feature here so we can see all the messages (presuming there are more)? Or any way to order the messages so that negative ones come first and positive ones come last (especially those friends ones)? Thanks.

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17 hours ago, Louie Silvani said:

@StephenCronin Hi, could you send the save with this issue on it?

@Louie SilvaniI couldn't upload through game, so I used ownCloud and named it `too-many-messages-see-messi.fms`. Sadly I also uploaded it named `fm_save3.fms` just before that, sorry!

Note, that the save is at the end of the season and Messi probably shouldn't be tired anymore, but he still has 6 messages, so you can check if there are more that aren't showing... 

Actually, if you transfer list him, the bar at the top will say Sad to be transfer listed, but there is no red message below that becasuse it's full of green.

And if I then criticise him for his performance in the last match (when he got a rating of 10) it says he is unhappy with me, but once again no message on the personal screen because it's full of green.

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