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Bugs I’ve found


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* tapping on the back arrow when in a player profile does not take you back, a double tap is required

* tapping on the player value in the Transfee Offer screen does not add the player value into the offer value box (as per previous versions), it stays at Unspecified 

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might as well use this thread for in game bugs I have found:

-unable to send players on loan to B team. I cannot see any option at all.

-unable click on players/nations/clubs on my inbox.

-as stated above, quite a few random cases of having to double tap.

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  • SI Staff

Hi all,

Thanks for getting in touch with the issues you have had.

Please make sure that each issue is reported separately as it makes it easier to track and locate in the future.

One thread with many different issues will cause confusion when issues are being responded to that require a back and forth.

I'm going to lock this thread now and any issues that were brought up can be started separately in other threads.

Can we also ask that duplicate threads are not created and if you see that an issue you have has already been reported just add you info to that existing thread.

Thanks very much,

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