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Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition *Official* Feedback Thread

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can we please remove the 30 season cap? I dont think ill buy it again if that's the case. I like my long seasons but quit after i reached the 30 season limit that i wasnt aware of. The game didnt feel slower so i'd like to know the reason behind why this is 30 max.

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Is it possible to remove the 10 nations/league restriction on Xbox Series S/X for future releases?
I would like to run more then 10 nations in the future, it should run fine with more then 10 nations.

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Hello. Is it possible to use custom database? I would really love to give FM 2021 Xbox Edition a try on PC via xbox game pass. But so far I've been struggling to use the latest database update. It just does not seem to be possible. I've placed the database update in the correct folder but just can't select it in game.

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On 07/08/2021 at 01:54, Heavygooner said:

How do you become an international manager? I’ve won loads of trophies yet had no offers 

This is an unlockable, if you go into the store via the FM logo top right, then click wallet it will tell you if you’ve unlocked it, if you have You’ll  then have to click the tab for international teams, and you should be good to go for international sides. 

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I really love this game, still playing it. But there is one thing i dont really like, maybe its just me..
It seems that the players get more and more expensive the further you get in the game.
Young players you pay 40+ million for. Some players are worth 5 million, and there's no way you'll get them under 50 million.
Even with teams from not so good competitions. A low-ranking team from the Netherlands is simply asking 45 million for a 19-year-old defender who has only been in the starting lineup for 1 season.
Do more people notice this?

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