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Create a Manager - appearance


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Unable to use a favourite team that’s already been selected- Greyed/blacked out


unable to use the colour pad for clothing items - usually can drag it around for various shades etc


sekected skin colour as black but on the touchline showing as white. And if select white then touchline shows black

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Hi @StuartMurray @doc32 & @vichtetigers,

For future it would be much appreciated if all threads could contain only one particular issue - this will make it far easier for us to keep track of what does and doesn't still need fixing. Though saying that, thankyou for reporting these bugs, the facial hair issue is one that we aim to have fixed as soon as possible with a new update.

Many Thanks,


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so I already have created a manager and there is a profile in the ‘use existing profile’ drop down. 

I select this profile and all boxes are populated with what I used previously. Name, DoB etc. 

The only boxes that aren’t populated are favourite team and preferred formation. 

If I try and select the favourite team I selected before I can’t. It’s greyed out. Have attached a pic. 

I can, however, select the fav team before I select the existing profile and all works fine. 

Not so fussed about this as there’s a work around, the main issue is skin colour showing the opposite on the touchline. Could cause controversy in current climate! 


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Hi Adam. 

Afraid not. All issues still remain, but have work around for all 3. 

Select favourite club before selecting saved profile. 
Select opposite skin colour

Sekect colour of items by using the RGB codes. 

Although, I can no longer load previously saved tactics either as favoured formation or actually within the game. 

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