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VAR issue, staff pictures missing


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VAR issue carried over from last year(found a pic on vibe) 

Basically when VAR upholds a goal after a review this occurs, it is very rare but can be annoying

This one is not really big but still thought I should share..as seen is photos we can have staff pictures anywhere except on their profiles, and for managers it is vice versa

Shown on profile but not in inbox(when awards are handed etc) 


Screenshot_20201130-230443_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201130-230448_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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39 minutes ago, Louie Silvani said:

Hi, regarding the VAR issue - this is something that is under review with our team.

Would you be able to send a save game for the staff photo issue? That doesn't quite seem right as you have said. 



Sent, I added link to this thread in an email

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