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Game crashes when Managing Director makes a transfer offer

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Playing as Liverpool, I added a player to my 'transfer target' list from the scouting menu. Michael Edwards then makes a bid for the player, which gets accepted. I then receive the news item notification to start transfer negotiations, but all the boxes are blank other than the button to begin negotiations. When I click that, I'm told I've already offered a contract, but I can't progress the game because that news item was a 'must respond' item and it doesn't think I've responded despite the contract apparently being offered.

Anyway, I've uploaded a save file to the cloud a few save bar clicks away from the offer being put in. It's entitled Tom Hughes - Liverpool.fm

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  • SI Staff

Thanks Tom, 

This looks to be a rare issue where the news item isn't being generated correctly. Its something we are working on. 

In regards to being stuck on the news item then you should be able to get past this by holidaying one day. Understand this isn't the ideal scenario but should enable you to continue your save. 



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