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[FM21] Extreme Scottish Lower League - Vale of Clyde

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Youth Intake 2063 Preview


We could do with a strong defensive showing in this years intake. I'd love to get a couple of centre backs to maybe better Watson and Ramsey.

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Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2062-63


The Jambo's have papped us out of another cup competition this year by dumping us out of the Scottish Cup.

English heavyweights Chelsea put us out of the Europa League in two very even games I have to say. Maybe they aren't the team they are IRL in game anymore but they're players are still worth huge amounts and I'm pleased that we looked good against them as maybe on our day we could beat sides like them. Chelsea probably aren't one of the heavyweights anymore. A good side but not at the top table.

The league campaign actually saw a thrilling title battle as Celtic actually did go off the boil and we took the top spot in March and actually held it all the way through to the game against Dundee in May that we lost finishing in the end just the two points behind them to finish the season without silverware sadly.

We still couldn't get the strikers to find the net. Maybe selling Calum Gray was a mistake as we didn't really have any other options but those are the chances you take. Would not surprise me to see Wilson or Ward go on a tare next year though.


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Youth Intake 2063


Well, this will be the last academy class of my long serving HoYD who has announced his intention to retire at the end of the season so let's see what he's brought me...

...not much :rolleyes:.

We've signed four defenders.

We signed right back Fraser McLean and left back Robbie Maclean. To be honest, not expecting anything from these two but they're over 100 PA so I thought I'd sign them up in case of injuries/sales.

Two centre backs now. Ben Edwards who is the best of the crop and should be the long term successor for Alan Sloan at the heart of the defensive alongside David Hazel. An EXCEPTIONAL personality and strong PA. A real gem. And then we have Brazilian Iure Lins Ferreira. Note quite as impressive as Edwards but his PA is better than Ramsey and Watson so I've signed him with the hope of watching him develop and being my third choice centre back.

So that was it for the HoYD. He's given us some great talent over the years, you can't complain when he's given you players good enough to win the top league in the country. I'm excited to see what the new guy (or girl) can bring for the final decade ahead.

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End of Season Review 2062-63


Well...don't really know what to say.

We finished trophy less but I wouldn't put it down as a bad season if I'm honest. We were only three points away from our third title in a row. Our finances are bulging, we're already packing out our stadium and our season tickets are increasing year on year. The club is moving in the right direction.



There's a strong spine of the side now in terms of CA as Duffy, Hazel, Sharp, McGinn and Ward all rated as Premiership level players by my metrics. I don't think I'll have a Champions League/World Class academy graduate during my time at the club sadly but the more players I can get to reach Premiership level the easier domestic dominance will be over the final 10 years ahead.


First ten are for sure the first names on the team sheet, the striker this season was interchangeable with neither Ward nor Wilson being undropable.



Well no trophy ware for the club this year, I got a little bit again...


No players in the Premiership team of the year this time out though which is a strange decision. No player awards either.

So all in all I don't think it was a bad season. Yes there were no trophies but I can accept that, we weren't miles off and I shouldn't be expecting to win the league every year...every other year will do me fine if I have to ;). If there's no trophy next year then yes I will thinking we've stagnated or gone back but no need to get too worried at this point.

And finally, we approached the board to make some further improvements to the club and again received a mixed response with the training facilities receiving an upgrade but turned down to improve the youth facilities again.



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Alba gu Bràth


The draw for the qualifiers for Euro '64 has been made.

As you can see we've dropped a place in the rankings but we're still the best side in the group and I full expect to get through to the finals...I'm even going to be bold and say we'll do it with some ease :brock:

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Season 2063-64 Preview


Another short pre-season this year but we played some stellar teams this year and got some great results. We played the B team against Galatasaray and I expected us to get beat but wanted to give the squad boys some game time but they played their socks off and did me proud.


There has been quite a few sales so far over the summer and as I write the window is still open but here's who's gone so far...


Chris didn't feature at all last year and has been sold to Doncaster for less than half his value but nobody wanted him and either did I so we accepted the low offer. Possibly I should load up a few more leagues to generate more interest but with 9 years to go, is it worth it?


Dean was a promising midfielder but probably won't hit the heights to take us to the next level so we sold him on to the Arabs.


The contentious sale of the summer as very promising AMC Jamie McLauchlan was sold to Premiership rivals Hearts. We have plenty vying for the position so I'm comfortable letting him go, some of the squad weren't though.


Scott wanted to be the main man at right back and while he has been impressive I couldn't give him the assurance he wanted so I allowed him to leave for pastures new to newly promoted Motherwell.

And finally...


Back up keeper Hamish was sold to Raith. He's a solid player who deserves to be a number one at a club considering his talent and his age and with young Murray Clark as back up to Marc Duffy I'm sure we'll be ok between the sticks.


So, what's the predictions this year?


Bookies think 6th, board want European football and the players think we can achieve Champions League qualification.

I think we can be league champions and that will be my main focus along with adding a cup and hitting the knock-out rounds of the Champions League. In fact, I'll go one step further and say that as of now, each season I will be aiming for a domestic treble. That should be the goal each and every year from now until the final year in 2072/73.

So let's get started...mon the Pail!

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Aug/Sept/Oct 2063-64


An opening day pumping :(.

A poor way to open the season but these things can happen so we had a word with the squad, me and my coaching team :brock:, and thankfully the boys pulled themselves together and started to play like the quality team that we are. We then won every single domestic game other than a draw away at the John Robertson stadium away to Hearts. A brilliant run. We sit top of the league by two points and I think we're in with a great chance of winning something this year. Derek Wilson is in double figures as well up top so this bodes well.

We're through to the semi finals of the Betfred Cup where we will face Hamilton so I'm confident of a second final appearance, our first Betfred Cup.

Let's all just agree to forget about Europe this year yeah? Absolutely ridiculous groups I keep finding myself in. I've literally rested all my best players in the games and got a few gubbing's but to be expected considering how weak a team I'm putting out.

So far so good for the treble though ;)


The board have finally agreed to improve my youth facilities...


...and also a special milestone for me over the period...


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Alba gu Bràth


Ok, so maaaaaaaaybe it wasn't quite as eaaaaaaaaasy as I thought.

We are through though. Scotland is through to another finals.

We went the campaign unbeaten but we did have a bit of an embarrassing one against the Andorran's on their patch with a nil nil draw. I went 'attacking' instead of 'positive' as I discussed earlier and it just didn't suit us at all so by the time I went back to 'positive' Andorra had the bit between their teeth and I was just happy to take the draw in all honest :lol:.

Serbia games were tough going but I thought maybe Sweden or Serbia would give us competition and that proved to be the case, Serbia were that side.

I stuck with a steady squad this time out instead of going for the in-form players like I normally do so we'll see how that plays out at the finals as well. I did well at China '62 by selecting the in-form players so I'm doing a controlled experiment to see if it makes a difference, form or familiarity.

Brace yersel Euro '64, the Scots are coming!


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Nov/Dec/Jan 2063-64


2063 ended very positively in the league as we went the year undefeated except that one loss to Celtic on the opening day.

There was draws with Celtic, Rangers and Dundee before the turn of the year but a draw with bottom of the table Motherwell then gave way to a loss to the Dons up in the Granite City which has now meant we trail the Bhoys by a point. Not quite sure what's going on with the stats below as if you look closely at the form table it says we've won the last two matches and lost three before, bizarre. 

Derek Wilson has been in great form and has won the prestigious European Golden Boy award following in the footsteps of William McGinn.

There was heartache in the Betfred Cup final as we lost to the Jambos.  There was also further heartache for us in the Scottish Cup as we went out in the first round we were involved in, the Fourth Round. Garry Haining missing the all decisive spot kick after a reply and injury time.

 We actually managed to pick up a few wins in the Champions League to boost the bank balance and restore some pride, still playing the kids. Our reward is a trip to Spain in the Europa League to face Villarreal.

The Premiership looks like it will be an exciting run in with the us and Celtic again duking it out for the crown. Hearts are also right up there but I don't see them lasting the distance.


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Youth Intake 2064


Full backs, wingers and midfielders... I'll take it. Let's see how my new HoYD does in his first year.

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Andorra finishing with a positive goal difference is quite interesting, do they have any standout players?

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Andorra has a decent team in my save because Spanish clubs produce many Andorran regens,i don't know their level in your save.

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23 hours ago, Rikulec said:

Andorra finishing with a positive goal difference is quite interesting, do they have any standout players?


22 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

Andorra has a decent team in my save because Spanish clubs produce many Andorran regens,i don't know their level in your save.


That's the top end of the Andorra PA scale, some decent talent there these days.

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Alba gu Bràth

The draw for Spain/Euro '64 has been made, tough group.


We did beat Sweden in the qualifiers but by no means were they easy games. We've had the beating of Wales but still tough games also and Turkey put us out of the World Cup last time out so we know how hard that game can be.


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Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2063-64


What a way to limp to a title :rolleyes:.

Yes, we managed to claim a third SPL title which is fantastic but just look at the run of form at the end. Thankfully Celtic were just as poor.

We took top spot on the penultimate game of the season before the split after some great form in February and March. We lost to Celtic and had a thrilling 5-5 draw with the Pars but we were in good form then the run in, my God, the wheels just came off. We were crowned champions with the 4-2 win over Celtic at the Ashley Neto Arena so I played the kids in the final game away in Edinburgh so let's just not focus on that score line. We also got scalped in the other game in Edinburgh during the split, and that was with a full strength team :ackter:.

We had an exciting, if brief time in the Europa as we managed to put Spanish side Villarreal out with ease over the two legs and then in a Battle of Britain we ended up going out to a Leeds side who seem to be getting better having claimed a European place the past few years but otherwise have done absolutely nothing in this save. Not won anything, not been relegated, not even improved Elland Road.

So that's season wrapped up. I'll be back with the regens and end of year review later this afternoon so watch this space :lol:


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Youth Intake 2064


Not much to get excited about this year sadly, we've signed 4 and to be honest any of them will be sold if bids come in in the summer.

First up we have goalkeeper Matty McDonald who has a brilliant personality and a solid squad player PA, could be a dependable back up if either keeper is sold.

Next we have two defence minded midfielders in Paul Macintyre and Andy O'Donnell. Both with squad player PA and both with average personalities. Andy will be trained as a BWM and Paul I'm going to convert to a left back.

And finally we have William Banda who is another one with squad player PA and an average personality. We will convert him to a central midfielder, attacking minded.

So a disappointing crop this year sadly, quite deflating.

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End of Season 2063-64


Well I asked for a treble and I got one out of the three.

It was a very similar season to last year when you stack them against each other above. I thought we played far better this year domestically and that loss column should really have been far lower had we not capitulated around the split. But we're champions so I don't have much to complain about. The training facilities are now state of the art but the board keep refusing youth facilities upgrading, it's something I'm going to have to keep plugging away at and nagging for. The stadium is practically full to the brim but I'm going to get those youth facilities up first before requesting a new stadium.


Strong showing's this year from the bulk of the player's first on the team sheet.

Paolo is out of contract you'll see above but I have since tied him down to an extension so we have cover all over the park and a strong domestic squad I feel. Maybe these boys will struggle to take us to the next level in the Champions League but, even though I'm only giving myself another nine year at the club, I'm not going to go out and splash a load of cash to try to bridge that gap. I've come this far with youth and my academy and I think that's the way it's going to stay for the save. I'd also like to leave the club in a very healthy position when I leave also. If they choose to splash the cash after so be it.


It was such a relief to see one of the strikers take the initiative this year. Marc Duffy still the biggest fan favourite though and backing it up again with his season average points. Tim Sharp is hitting his best years now and hopefully he can keep controlling games.


Yep, team of the year and first 11 picked when everyone is fit.


Something new I noticed on the end of year report is we are now considered a worldwide club...


I know it's been their the whole time but not something I noticed before so not sure how long we've had that reputation. Amazing to think how far I've taken the club. All the way from the seventh tier of Scottish football to now the club being considered a worldwide entity.


A further Manager of the Year award to add to my collection...


...wraps up what has been a great season for the club. A third title in four years I think that is now? The squad is coming together and I'm pleased with where we are heading. I'm hopeful next year we can have some better newgens though.


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Alba gu Bràth


Another tournament and another haphazard attempt at the group stage has seen me sneak through to the knockouts!

Thought I'd messed it up again but we managed to get through and then managed to make it all the way to the Semi-Finals were we were actually pretty unlucky to go out to a Dutch side who sat back and soaked up a ton of pressure and then punish us on the counter.

Still, it was a tournament again to be proud of with the icing on the cake being a quarter final victory against the Auld Enemy after being one down going in at half time when I threw a water bottle and shouted at the players to believe in themselves and they came out and did me proud. 

Sometimes, all you need is the bragging rights. If I'd have been able to give my own press conference I would have dedicated the win to all the Scots living in exile amongst the English having to listen to the ridiculous media ;)


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Season 2064-65 Preview


Another short and sweet preseason saw us get some good results and saw the side in a buoyant mood as we go into the season ahead.


There has been some sales over the summer so let's take you through them before we get to the predictions.


I said about this years crop of academy boys any were for sale if offers came in and straight off the bat we've sold one to Dunfermline.


Eddie has been unhappy with his squad status and playing time for a few years now so when an offer from Killie came in I accepted it. A bit below his value but it was time for him to move on and there wasn't any other interest.


And finally Robbie left for the Buddies. He wouldn't have got near the first team so we sold him for the good of his career and hopefully he can go on and enjoy his time away from the club.


So, what's everyone expecting of us this year?


The bookies expecting slightly better from us by predicting a 5th place finish, the board want Champions League football as do the players. Me? As I said last year, the goal from now until the end of the save is to get ourselves a domestic treble. We've got a first eleven good enough to do it and if we can avoid injuries to the stars we're in with a shout.

To help us to that end the board have now granted us an improvement to our youth facilities as I pleaded with them that we would be left behind our rivals without the improvement.



I've played ahead to the end of August already to provide all transfer details in this post so I can reveal our Champions League group this season...


Strong nations represented but...am I crazy to think that this could be the year we get out of the group?  I'd like to think we could maybe do it this year. So let's get going and find out shall we? 


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Alba gu Bràth


No rest when you're pulling double duty!

The draw for the Nations League is done and we find ourselves in A4 with some big boys, I'll be happy to finish 2nd/3rd.

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Aug/Sept/Oct 2064-65


An unbelievable start to the campaign this year!

One draw and one loss in the period and W's the rest of the time as we march towards title number four sitting top of the league with a seven point lead. All the while with Derek Wilson not quite hitting top form as of yet, hopefully that will come as the season progresses though as I doubt we can keep up this level of performance without having to rely on a number nine to bag a poachers goal to grind out a win.

We're through to the semi finals of the Betfred Cup where we will face Aberdeen so so far the treble is still on.

We're also progressing quite well in the Champions League as we currently sit second in the group on four points. This could be the year that we progress but I have no designs on us actually achieving anything in the cup. If we want a shot at European glory then maybe the best thing for would be for us to finish third and drop into the Europa.


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Alba gu Bràth


It started so brightly but then faded away.

We were superb against the Germans and from right off the bat as St. Johnstone's Adam Shield, getting his first cap as a 30 year old, converted a cut back from national hero Sam Gill. We comfortably controlled the game from that moment and I couldn't believe how easy we made it look.

We were stunning again in the game against Romania but it was a game I expected us to win.

When it came to Holland we actually took the lead twice and I was thinking that maybe by picking the in form players rather than the big name players was working a treat but we lost two goals in the final ten minutes to bring me back down to earth.

We then struggled in the next game against the Romanians and a draw was a fair result.

We closed out the campaign with two defeats against the Germans and the Dutch. On paper before the previous games you'd thought the defeats would come but I have to say I'm disappointed to lose considering how well we played at the start. 


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Nov/Dec/Jan 2064-65


Well the treble is off for another year :(

On the flip side though, we have made it out of the Champions League group and into the knockouts!


A draw with Freiburg and a win at home to PSV has meant for the first time ever we have progressed past the groups. Our reward for that is a double header against the most successful side in French history, Paris St. Germain.


Our league form isn't quite as impressive as the opening three months but with 15 games left to play we still find ourselves 10 points clear at the top of the league so I'm not going to complain about a couple of losses. We still don't have a striker finding the back of the net often enough though which is certainly a concern but I think we might end up winning the league quite comfortably this season.

We're still on for a double as well despite a tougher than we'd have liked fourth round tie against Rangers. The Buddies lay in wait for us in the next round so I'm hopeful of progressing further into the competition.



And finally this period there was a sale to Swansea when former defensive stalwart Kyle Ramsay left. I wished him good luck in the next step of his career but he didn't seem all that pleased to be leaving. 


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Alba gu Bràth


The draw for the next World Cup Qualifiers has happened and we've been handed a very smooth run of games to book our place. The Republic of Ireland look to be the toughest games in the group but they're over 20 places behind us in the ratings so we really should be rolling them over.

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Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2064-65


Champions again!

The plaudits keep coming as I'm described as one of the greatest ever as we secure our fourth title in six years.

Our form was good over the period without being spectacular but the lead we had built up over the season came into play. We secured the title with our win against Hearts and from then I played the kids and others who were less than 'happy' with their playing time so don't pay too much attention to the results in the split. Even though the margin was only seven points in reality we won the league by a canter.

Just the one trophy this year as, despite my confidence in the last update, St Mirren put us out of the Scottish Cup in a tense, cagey affair.

PSG also put us out the Champions League 6-4 on aggregate but the games where close affairs which makes me think that on our day we might not be miles away from the elite sides. Still don't think we will actually enjoy European silverware during the save though.  


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Youth Intake 2065


Not a huge amount of excitement this year either sadly and again we only signed four. 

First up we signed David Dow in central defence. I've put the wrong colour on his CA above, should have been pale blue as he's only one step above poor, not an average player yet. He's got a bad personality but could be a higher average squad player based on his PA.

Kenny Kelleher is one of the better players with regards to his PA but a stinking personality. He's come through as a right midfielder but I'm going to convert him to a right back.

Ryan Crichton has the best PA but mixed with a poor personality and will be converted to a CM. I'm not hugely excited by him.

And finally we have Scott Ross who is another with a poor personality and average PA who will be trained as an AMC and could get game time as a squad player as there will be a couple leaving this summer in that role.

So another average intake, nothing to get excited by and like last year if any offers come in all four could very well be sold.

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End of Season Review 2064-65


An arguement to be made to say this was our best season ever.

We lead the league all the way from week two or three and the title was never in doubt. If we hadn't of played the kids and the B team in the split we would probably have recorded the most wins ever for us in the SPL. We played really well over the season in the league and I'm very happy with how we are looking.

The Scottish Cup was a bit of a disappointment this year in the Betfred Cup we reached an acceptable level.

We did really well in Europe advancing out of the group stage in the Champions League for the first time ever, hopefully we can start doing that a bit more often and see what happens. I think we need to start winning more group games not just for ourselves but also for the Scottish coefficiency as the Champs League spots for the league has dropped from 4 to 3 and I think that may be due to my poor form.

Money continues to grow, the board are finally spending to upgrade the Youth Facilities...


...and the stadium continues to be packed out. There's a few other players now who have reached 'Icon' status and could very well move into 'Legend' status along with me and Ashley Neto at the club so I've actually asked for a new stadium which the board are now in the process of looking into. I've done it now as I'm hoping the new stadium will be named after me as I'm currently the only other legend at the club.



I think it's safe to say the squad performed very well over the season.

The strikers weren't overly menacing but Wilson and young Sam Hughes still hit double figures. James Ward has sadly faded away at the club and I don't really see a future for him in the years ahead sadly.

A few players out of contract this year. Kevin Watson will leave as I don't have a role for him, Simon Bell will hang up his boots and become an under 18's coach retiring a one club man which I love to see and I'm hoping that Garry Haining will follow suit but we've not been able to agree anything yet and he could move down the leagues with a new club.


An epic season for Stephen Connolly, a coming of age if you will, as he usurps Marc Duffy in the fans awards.


Ooooooow. Sam Hughes may be disappointed to not make the team of the year ahead of Derek Wilson but that's the breaks. Young Ben Edwards had far more came time this year and did really well as we look to bring his game on so he's ready to be "the guy" as club Icon Alan Sloan reaches his golden years.



Another personal award to round out the year and that's that for 2064-65.

A good season as we asserted our dominance on the best league in the Scottish game. I was pleased with some of the young lads, Hughes and Edwards, who really stepped up this year and continue to be happy with the rest of the squad on the whole. An emotional time as Bell retired a one club man, he gave us some great moments over the years without ever being considered "the man" and I'm really happy that he's joined former star Matthew Naismith on the coaching team.



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Season 2065-66 Preview


A mixed pre-season for us this year so I'm hoping the boys can get off to a good start when the campaign kicks off.

Another testimonial this year as the club paid tribute to long standing centre back Alan Sloan. It was nice to get the win to give him a fitting night. The man is officially considered a club Icon.


So there has been some sales over the summer so let's see what's gone on in the summer transfer window...



I said if bids came in for the academy boys this year then they would be off and two have gone. Ryan left for Dunfermline and David has gone to the Dons.

There was another transfer as full back Fraser McLean left for the Buddies.



So, what's the predictions this year? Obviously I'm chasing a treble but what does everyone else think?


The bookies have us again pegged for 5th, the board want Europa Conference League football and the squad expect us to qualify for the Champions League, they do not think we can advance past the group in this years competition though. Speaking of which...


Another toughie that I don't think we will advance from, confident of a third place finish and European football after Christmas though.


So let's get going...

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Aug/Sept/Oct 2065-66


A terrible start to the domestic campaign as we look to make it three in a row.

Luckily that has given way to a great run after as we again sit atop of the league after this period of the season. The treble is still on also as we advanced ourselves to the semi finals of the Betfred Cup. We've not done badly so far in the Champions League either, could we somehow manage to make it out of the group?

We've been pretty solid in the league with dropped points only to the bigger teams and no silly results so that's promising. Our strikers are doing ok but Wilson only has seven to his name, I'm not overly concerned as of yet but I hope he starts to find the net a bit more often otherwise I'm going to start to sweat a bit.

Shout out to the Buddies sitting second though, no idea where that's come from.


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So there was rumblings over the summer but in early November it actually happened...


My fourth regime in my 45 year at the club, they haven't pumped any money in but we are rich anyway so maybe shouldn't have expected it.

They have loosened the purse strings in one respect...


...but they have but a block on looking to build a new stadium. Looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer for the Dave Tomlinson Stadium :(

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Alba gu Bràth


Didn't I say how tough the group would be with Ireland in there? :ackter:

So the group was a bit trickier than I thought as we finished second after losses to Ireland and Iceland away.

The team looks good in play but we just lack that killer player in front of goal much like in real life. We play really cute, tika taka style football but the one thing we're crying out for is a goal scorer on the international stage. The strikers as players are great, some real talent amongst those available but I cant seem to get any of them to do it consistently on this stage.

This World Cup could be my final tournament as I look to try to speed through the last few years of this save as I'm now starting to get the itch for something new. 


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Very competitive quilifying campaign.Iceland looks very strong also!

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7 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

Very competitive quilifying campaign.Iceland looks very strong also!

The table doesn't reflect it but Kosovo gave me right good games as well, a tough side on their day.

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Nov/Dec/Jan 2065-66


The treble is gone again sadly.

We also won't be winning the Champions League but we have managed to finish third in our group and will enter the Europa League where we will face Dutch side PSV. We beat them in a preseason game before so I'm hopeful that we will get through the game and further into the tournament.

We've done really well in the league with just the one defeat over the period, coming to the Hibees away in Edinburgh.

We aren't quite running away with the league though as Hearts have been on tare trough the league winning game after game also.

Derek Wilson and James Ward are struggling this season again and our top scorer at the end of January is right AMC Stephen Connolly and he's still in single figures so it's been a grind to get through to here and still be top of the league.

We are playing good football though so that's very pleasing and the AMC's are really playing with fire this year.



There has been some sales over the winter transfer window...



Ross was allowed to leave to Hibs and Kelleher to Rangers. They were promising talents and definite squad level players if the reach their PA but we weren't desperate to keep them so I allowed them to go so as we can trim the squad a bit. 

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Youth Intake 2066 Preview


Not much to get excited about sadly, looks like it will be slim pickings.

Next year should be the first year the new HoYD has an influence so let's hope next year will be the dawn of a new era.

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Alba gu Bràth


So the draw for England '66 (co-incidence? I don't think so) has been made and I think we can top this group. I'm going to take the games more seriously this time instead of trying to think ahead and keep players fresh for later rounds I might not even reach.

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Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2065-66



Another year, another title :D

Yes, we keep the good times rolling as we claim our fifth title in six year. We again rather stumbled towards it in the end but we actually claimed the title after we lost 4-2 at home to Celtic as other results went our way.

We had a brilliant run in the Europa League as we made it all the way to the semi finals but we again drew Leeds United and came up short. Thankfully they lost in the final. We had some great results along the way though beating PSV, Derby who finished 5th in last years EPL and Villarreal.

We couldn't claim a domestic double either as the Jambos dumped us out of the Scottish Cup in the quarters. To be fair though the boys were running on fumes for a lot of games even though we tried to rotate as much as we could.


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Youth Intake 2066 Review


Absolute rubbish this year sadly. I was that unimpressed that I only signed two players this year.

Allan Doig and Gregor Barr were signed as we needed a bit of cover for right back and up top but I didn't see any benefit in signing any other players.

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End of Season 2065-66 Review


A brilliant season again for the club.

We suffered an opening day defeat at the start of the season but we moved up the table over the first few games and once we hit top spot in September we never left it. The games came thick and fast though. I thought I had a relatively big squad but the fixture list seemed to be unforgiving this season as we had to really work hard to keep players fit and available for the key games.

Still, we won the league, we did ok in the domestic cups and did well in Europe this year reaching a semi-final so I think the fans would be happy with that, I certainly was. 

We've made further strides off the field as well with our youth facilities now reaching state of the art status, packing out the stadium each and every week and the bank balance continuing to grow each year. I'm pleased with how the club is running and I know I can retire in the years to come knowing I've left the club in a brilliant position for whoever takes over.


We may have one a title and reached a European semi-final but the lads weren't really impressive this year. 

The keeper's continued to be brilliant and special shout out to Paolo Caddeo who stepped up and can now fill in on either side at the back for us but I wasn't overly happy with many others. The strikers again struggled this year and if it hadn't have been for the AMC's getting in on the goals we would have been playing like a Jose Mourinho side. To be fair actually, all the defence did do well but as good as that is it isn't what I want to be known for.



Sam Hughes getting in ahead of William McGinn may be a bit of a shock but it is entirely deserved as Hughes played well towards the end of the season and his form has actually got him a spot in my Scotland 23 for the World Cup.


Well, there was plenty of personal awards for me this season...



...a clean sweep across the board.

Well, it was a good season for us but a bit uneventful for me personally. I'm definitely coming to the end of this save cycle and feel a bit like I'm grinding it out at this point. I'm determined to try and grab a treble before I call it quits though. I think the poor youth intakes the past few seasons have really taken the shine off things so hopefully this season to come we have better luck.

Another title for the Tin Pail though, we aren't far off claiming to be one of the most decorated teams in the country at this rate though which is a brilliant thing to think. It has definitely been a very enjoyable save on the whole and I'm sure it will just take a good intake or a European Final appearance to reignite the passion currently.


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Alba gu Bràth


I can never quite manage a solid group campaign but we managed to get out into the knockouts stages.

We had some confidence boosting friendlies before the England '66 took place with good wins over South Africa and Mexico, former World Cup winners.

My very own Sam Hughes actually came into his own and became a revelation during the period and ended up being a starter for the campaign and did very well.

We easily controlled Costa Rica in the opening game before actually going two down to Chile early doors and having to work extremely hard to get back into the game and managing to get a draw by the end of the 90 minutes.

We drew Congo in the next round and I was confident and we did again control the game much like the game against Costa Rica. The goals to win came very late though, not gunna deny that I did have thoughts that we might Hibs it :lol:.

We played much the same when we drew South Africa but this time we got an early goal and controlled the game throughout to see us into the Quarter Finals.

We got heavyweights France and that was as far as we got sadly. It was a very even game I felt and much like when we went out to Holland the other year they seemed to sit back and hit us on the break which was very frustrating as we were only playing 'positive' so shouldn't have been so susceptible to it but that's how the game played out.

A solid campaign but sadly no glory to add to my previous success with Spain earlier in my career.




Alba chan eil tuilleadh


It's been an honour and we've had some brilliant campaigns but after 8 years I've called time on the ultimate job in Scottish football. 

I think I've taken us as far as I can. The tactics weren't really working anymore and I don't think I'm getting the best out of what is a very talented pool so I'm stepping down. We've done well and had some great results and gone deeper into tournaments then most would have expected but it's with a heavy heart that I must step down.

I'll be focussing on the Tin Pail and hoping for a few more trophy filled years.

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Season 2066-67 Preview


A strong preseason this year as we really hit the ground running.

Another year and another testimonial for one of our stalwarts in Allan Menzies who enjoyed a great game and a fitting tribute.

There were no sales this year so let's see what the expectations are...


Predicted 5th by the bookies and the players expect us to challenge for a Champions League spot. The new board are more ambitious and expect us to challenge for the league with the next four years the expectation being to remain the best team in Scotland.

So I've played ahead to the end of August to see if any transfers happened but the window is closed and with that the Champions League groups have been drawn...


My expectations are to challenge for a treble and with that Champions League group I'm hopeful of getting to the knockouts after Christmas. I think we should be considering ourselves on the same kind of level as any Dutch side, even heavyweights like Ajax.

So let's go! #wegoagain

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Jul/Aug/Sept/Oct 2066-67


A blistering start to the season domestically!

Myself and Hibs actually went 7 and 0 before they slipped up, Celtic have been going great guns as well so despite only one game dropping points we aren't out of sight at this point. I'm very confident that we will claim another league title at this point though, not sure if that's fool hardy so early in the season?

Sadly the treble is already off the cards already as the Dons have put us out of the Betfred Cup in the quarters. The Champions League is also proving a little trickier than I thought and possibly we might have to scale back our ambition and look towards finishing third and dropping into the Europa and maybe having a run at the final. Any kind of European win would still be a huge achievement for the club though.

James Ward has found his goal scoring boots again after a few years not quite in the wilderness but certainly playing second fiddle to Derek Wilson. It's always pleasing to see one of your strikers in double figures so early into the season.


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Nov/Dec/Jan 2066-67


Well we did have to lower our expectations with regards to Europe as we again crashed out in the group stage :(


We will now go into the Europa League again where we will face Galatasaray. A side that we've faced before and if memory serves we have been victorious.

 Elsewhere we have been strong in the league still with only a couple of games points have been dropped. A draw with our old bogey side Dundee and a draw with a dogged Rangers side at home in the Ashley Neto Arena. We lost only our second game as we went to Edinburgh and got a skelping of sorts to a Hibs team who just seemed to be absolutely everywhere and first to every ball. Sometimes you just have to applaud the opposition if they are that good on the day.


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Youth Intake 2067 Preview

I forgot to grab a screenshot of the news item so you'll have to make do with the write up from the development centre, doesn't look quite as aesthetically pleasing...


I'm not sure what to expect, the green half looks like a good write up but then at the end is says it's a poor crop so we'll just have to wait and see.

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Just goes to show how far we've come, the seventh tier of Scottish football, to now have a club of the stature of Freiburg as a feeder club. They've got a great youth set up as well so hopefully that will stand us in good stead going forward.

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Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2066-67


What is it I say each year at this point? Oh yeah, "another year, another title!" :brock:

Yes, once again we have managed to defend our SPL title and be crowned the best team in all of Scotland. It's a fantastic achievement and one that has also elevated me personally as I finally enter into the Scottish Hall of Fame...


Our form dropped off dramatically as the schedule was punishing, sometimes with games two days after the last but our early season form was good enough to mean that we could stumble our way to another title. The split was again brutal for me but we ended up winning the title on another famous 'Helicopter Sunday' in Scottish football.

Sadly there was to be no treble of any sort as the Jambos put us out of the Scottish Cup early doors and a majestic run to the Europa League Quarter finals was ended over two legs to French heavyweights PSG.

But I'm not going to sit here and complain, another title to celebrate is fantastic and we're really carving out our name in the modern game as a club of great success and ambition.


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Youth Intake 2067


A very, very disappointing this year as a below par graduating class sees nobody picked up and signed to contracts :eek::(

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End of Season 2066-67 Review


Four in a row!

As I said in a post above, the Tin Pail's emergence as a major player in Scottish football is cemented in my eyes.

It was a dominant season in the most part until February/March when the games really started stacking up but we managed to get over the line to secure another title. Sadly we were again unable to bag ourselves any cup trophies to add to our haul but we still had a decent showing, at least in Europe.

Our facilities are top notch and the fans are still flocking into the stadium, the new board still won't agree to build a new stadium though.


The squad was brilliant this year and there's a real maturity to them now in both their play on the pitch and their literal age.

Club stalwart Alan Sloan won't play ball on a new contract so looks like he will be leaving this summer on a free after many years of service, it's a shame he won't be a one club man.

Marc Duffy is fast becoming a club Icon and his personality has now changed to a model pro which is great to see. There's been some nice changes to the squad personality over the year which is pleasing to see.


James Ward had a resurgence this year and got a good return but he still went off the boil for a period and played over eleven hours of football at one point without a goal.  All the key players taking the plaudits this year in the club awards.



Another manager award for me this year...



A good season again for the club. Very disappointing to see no academy graduates make the grade but on and off the pitch we continue to be a force within Scottish football and still do well for Scottish football advancing deep into European competition. 


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This is 'The End'...so to speak...



Well folks, I know I said I wanted to take the club to the double centenary and call it quits but I've decided to bring the date forward.

I've had 47 brilliant seasons with the club, the longest save (by three years) I've had in all my years playing but I've had a feeling to move on to new save idea's and a switch up of things for about a month now and I feel the time is right for me. I had hoped to shorten my original plan to do just 50 years but with the lack of academy boys coming through and my emerging league dominance I've decided to end things now.

It's been a great save and I've enjoyed my time with the Tin Pail immensely and I must say a huge "thank you" to @Morrissey for this incredible database as without him I wouldn't of been able to take this adventure.

Thank you also to everyone who's left a reply or upvote as it's always good to log on and see and at times has helped me to keep going knowing people have appreciated and taken the time to read.

Let's have a look at my career with the club over the years then...




As the club embark on a new era I'd like to think I've left them primed to go on and do whatever they want, it will depend on their ambition now. 

The club has been completely transformed from a team in the seventh tier in the West of Scotland Conference to a team now regularly competing in the Champions League. We started off with 25 season ticket holders and end with over nine thousand. We came from Fullarton Park with a capacity of 3,000 to playing our brand of football in front of a packed out Ashley Neto Arena which houses over 33,000 rabid fans. Our facilities have been transformed to some of the best in the world and as I have retired the board's expectations for the years ahead was to continue having one of the best youth systems in the world.

A magical journey.




Incredible to see all that we accomplished and how little we spent, I certainly didn't buy my way to success. I didn't intend to have a youth only style save but as we went forward I relied more and more on my academy and really took great pride in doing it that way. I love to see my sides have an abundance of players of whatever nation I'm playing in and if they come from the academy even better.




So that's mine and the clubs journey throughout this save.

There has also been ventures into International management with Italy, Spain and Scotland where I managed to do something I've never done before which is win international honours with Spain by becoming European and World Champions. That Spain period was brilliant but I also hugely enjoyed my time with my own nation, Scotland, and that win over Argentina in the knockout stages of the World Cup will live with me for some time.

As I've said, it's been a real pleasure doing this save this year and I'm really glad I documented it.

Although this is the end of my career with the club it isn't quite the end of the thread. Over the next few days, or maybe the week as my laptop isn't the best and takes time to process, I'm going to sim the save forward twenty years and see where Vale of Clyde end up and what happens to them in L.A.D., 'Life After Dave' :brock:

I will also do a post regarding the clubs Hall of Fame, a post regarding club records, I'll do a post to document where Scottish football is in the year 2087, the Manager Hall of Fame both Scottish and worldwide in 2087 and I'll document who has won the International honours over the years of the save, possibly also club European winners over the time. So check back over the week and see what happened.

Thank you all for your time and I really hope you've enjoyed the main bulk of the thread.


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