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Goalkeeper not displayed at goals conceded stat

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At the place where you can see the topscorers and least conceded etc. My keeper is not showing up.

This might be because he has not le any goals through yet952077996_Screenshot_20201130-111154_FM21Mobile.thumb.jpg.691ba1bd064003ede4a3c3c41537176e.jpg1518219907_Screenshot_20201130-111202_FM21Mobile.thumb.jpg.ae25c7912cb59e983f9aaa04d9e6cb1e.jpg

I bought him later on so he has only played ~7 of the 9 matches

The keeper is Maarten Vandervoordt

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2 hours ago, Marc Vaughan said:

Would you mind sending that save in - we'll get that fixed asap once we have it.

PS - Sounds like you're doing great :D

(feel free to share your tactics in the thread where people are struggling ;) )

Haha, I think I did. But it is Ajax ofcourse.

How do I send the save in again? I am pretty sure I did it before

Nvm found it

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