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Training facilities cost

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Hi, is there any way to find out the cost of upgrading a training facility before requesting? It seems a bit bizarre that we only know what the cost is AFTER we've done the request and then we can't change our mind. I'm Hampton & Richmond right now and top in L2 and have 650k in the bank, but with basic training facilities. I have no idea what the cost is to upgrade them and i'm worried that if it's too much, I'll regret I had asked.

P.s, I don't want to request and then exit without saving and I want to play without cheating. Just want to know if there's some info anywhere on training costs.

Many thanks

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Feels like this should be something added into the board conversation - ie. "The upgrade you have requested is acceptable to us, we would old fund this by securing a loan to the tube of £x. This means it is likely that the transfer budget for the next yseasons is significantly impacted. Would you like us to proceed?"

There could then be discussion around amending the existing vision to accommodate.

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