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How on earth does the Peruvian league work?  How do you go about qualifying for the champions playoffs?

It's a minefield

This confuses me too, if you win one of the opening and closing league systems then you would have to finish above 9th in the other to qualify for the playoffs?


I just holidayed to the end of the first season to try and work it out and César Vallejo won the Apertura (opening) league and Sporting Crystal won the Clausura (closing) league but then the playoffs looked like this


So basically i'm stumped and that's without even asking about why there are points awarded in the final ???


In case someone needs to see them here's the 2 league tables and the overall one


Overall Table


If anyone can help me with this then I'd be really grateful its just so alien to me when compared to the European type league systems

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I'm going to guess that sporting Cristal got a bye because they came top overall AND won a period. I reckon if a fourth team had won a period they would have played Cristal in the semi.

I am just guessing though. 

There are so many connotations though.

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12 hours ago, XaW said:

Is this one of those leagues who has relegation based on average points over a few seasons?

Pretty much every South American league does as far as I'm aware. Colombia didn't but even they I think have gone for the opening/ closing stage average points madness now.

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You know what, we need to applaud absolutely mental leagues like this for doing something different.  It's a sad day when you see systems move towards the same boring drudgery of play-each-other-twice.  Throw every kind of rule into the mix, on yerselves Peru, ye mad Paddington lovers.

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In FM19 you got into the playoff semis for winning Apertura, Clausura or preseason tournament, and then the [next] highest team in the overall table. You got a bye to the two legged home and away final for winning two or more tournaments. Qualifying for that tournament meant you'd play continental football in the Libertadores next season

Being Peru, it sounds like they changed the rules again so the final didn't get played if you won the Apertura and Clausura, and introduced an optional third final at a neutral venue for sides who were level home and away and on points. Looks like you now need to finish in the top four of the overall table to qualify for the Libertadores which is probably why you get points for the final, and that they've also found a way to disqualify winners of the Apertura for being terrible in the Clausura and vice versa..

Even the weird bug FM19 had where the two legged home/away final turned out to be two legs played at my home but with the scores for the first leg swapped over, followed up by a third final after the trophy had been awarded somehow felt like something the Peruvians would actually try :D 

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