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How do I check the player ratings from a previous match?

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I'm a bit dumbfounded here, usually when I click on the result from a previous match I see an overview screen of both team's player ratings but now all I see is the key stats of the match, can somebody tell me how I view the payer ratings please?

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These may be hidden away by your resolution/screen width. On my screen, when I click on a match score, there are three main tabs, from left to right: match stats, formation, and summary. The ratings are in the middle, formation tab, and there is a button "player statistics" in the top right corner of the middle tab that will give you detailed stats along with ratings from previous match.

When I narrow the game window, the middle tab disappears, so no ratings are visible - then I have to click on my team name in the top left corner of the summary tab, and then the player ratings will appear.

IMO the post-match/stats interfaces are a noticeable downgrade.



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