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Something in Editor Data folder makes FM crash


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FM crashes at the competition licence loading screen, when I'm launching the game. By a process of elimination, I know the issue comes from my Editor Data folder, in my user folder.

Do you know what reasons could make FM crash at launch?

Too many files? Too long file names? Too much sub-folders?

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After some meticulous tests, no file in particular makes my FM crash at launch but rather association of files.

I believe FM just can't handle more than 300 fmf files.

I have also noticed that many times FM randomly goes back to full screen 200% zoom at launch for no reason despite originally having set FM to windowed mode 250% zoom.

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The issue is that the game loads all files at the start of the game and runs out of memory. Have seen the same issue turn up in FM20.

Also, keep in mind that the game will load all files in the editor folder, even if you are not planning to use them. So if you are doing an edit and have some old files that you have upgraded, move them to another folder.

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