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Can NOT register players in January window, after moving team

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Hi so i am in season 2 have just moved from Chesterfield to West Ham in the middle of the transfer window and have signed a few players but i am not able to register them, i click the squad registration button and it just takes me to the squad screen. i try selecting the squad registration number and well it is not there, the option to set squad numbers is but not to register the squad, i have already had to face 2 of the 6 top 6 clubs Tottenham (cup) and Liverpool and still have to face Man City and Arsenal before the window closes. i have also noticed there is no squad registration date on the calendar.

there is nothing in the league rules saying players can not be registered infact it stated players can be registered between Sunday 2nd January 2022 and Monday 31st January 2022. and i have sold 6 players and there is no players of ''premier league quality'' in the youth as i have already moved  the only 1 out of 18 that was at the club when i took over.

the players show Unr - Unregistered but Eligible for the next game if they are registered in time, i have tried a variety of things from reloading the save. reverting back to save still at chesterfield and then going through interview process and missing half the window again, completely closing the game, verifying game etc nothing is resolving this. considering 5 of my 6 saves are built of the 1 save, tried holidaying a day to see if that would do anything to resolve the issue (i wouldnt normally do this due to even a day holiday seemingly preventing me from getting xx years at club achievements), i have now also even tried using the ingame editor on teh same earlier save forced myself to west ham, before the transfer window opened

i had thought it was tied into a skin i was using but ive switched back to the excessively purple default skin and nothing, i have even purchased in game editor using the last of my food money just to activate ''register squad at any time'' and still nothing, i reverted back to previous save whilest still at Chesterfield to just before the window opens and before i had interview for west ham job and created a test save and used ingame editor to force myself there ''again''

this is a serious game breaking issue

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Hi Emma, 

Thanks for the report and the save game. 

I've taken a look here and had a bit of a play around with your save. What i've noticed is that if I choose O'Connell in the side to play against Liverpool on the 18th Jan then he can play in the match and then after the game he is registered. Also on the 31st January a registration news item is generated where the user can register these players. 

Obviously something has gone wrong though for the Squad Registration button to be taking the user to the squad page and for the Squad Registration option on the Players dropdown to be missing. 

Do you happen to have a save game from just before you moved from Chesterfield to West Ham? If so would you mind uploading it and we will take a further look. 



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i did but i override it when i force transferred to west ham and it worked that way.


just thought i'd bring it up incase anyone else has the issue and as it will probably also happen in all the other saves which i havent progressed with but they all use the original setup to save time waiting for humungous database to setup

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