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Information not being displayed correctly


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Hi all,

Just a couple of things I've found with the game that I wanted to highlight. Firstly, I just want to say that on the whole the game is pretty good and I've been really happy with it. However, there are a few bugs which happen intermittently.

The first one is where I was in a match, and the information just did not seem to be displayed correctly. This is the only time I have noticed this happen but I've managed to get a screenshot and highlighted where I believe the potential issue may lie. The second one is not really a bug, more of a wording error. As you can see from my "team stats" screenshot, I've conceded 16 goals in the league. This is down as "Worst". Shouldn't this be the "Best" as when I've checked the league table, no other team has conceded less goals. 

FM 21 Potential Bug.png

Team Stats.png

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