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FM21 Mobile - Offer Contract Broken

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Just bought today and immediately broken! Won’t let me adjust or offer wage and says board won’t allow it when clicking suggest terms. Done some research and seems this was a problem in other games too. Is this a bug, pls help?



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  • SI Staff

The game is attempting to indicate the player has no interest in joining your club (as it mentions) ... I'll look into making this allow you to change the way to whatever you design and fix the dialog message ...  however I'm afraid in the circumstances where this happens the player is simply not at all interested and won't be joining you.

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  • SI Staff
3 hours ago, Mikhump said:

Ahh cool cool thanks for the quick reply. Was just confused as Traore submitted a transfer request after my first bid. But thanks 🙏 

Interesting - did any other clubs also bid?

(if not would you mind forwarding me the save as I'd be interesting in looking into if it was coincidence ... or why he did it)

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