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AI managers not trying to attack when they are behind

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9 hours ago, freddieos said:

I thought you also use majesticeternity's mod, which does exactly that?

It doesn’t. If the fix was that simple I’m sure CJ wouldn’t have said what he said. 

Also the mod only adjust ratings of managers and most of them aren’t in the lower leagues which I frequent.

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On 04/01/2021 at 18:24, Weller1980 said:

@CJ RamsonAppreciate the feedback but you said on the 2nd Dec this was currently under review here we are one month on and it's still being investigated? Are you no closer to identifying what's wrong? Reading between the lines I worry this won't be fixed for fm2021 can you give any reassurances this will be fixed for fm21? Thanks

The month was over the festive period where I mentioned many team members were away. It's not a straight forward issue as it involves a lot of research data and isn't a simple AI change. The process unfortunately isn't as simple as identify the issue and then fix it. I've mentioned many times that there are so many potential knock ons in this area, I would never give reassurances that any issue would be improved or fixed but I can assure you we are looking into it.

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Any news on this subject? Festive period is over, its hard to understand how this can happen. Strong team losin and playin defensive and dont try to attack. Its just unrealistic.

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