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Hi, I reported an issue with delegating recruitment early in the demo, and the response I got was that it was under investigation however it still hasnt been resolved. 

If I delegate the recruitment of staff to my Chairman then he recruits nobody. He also doesn't negotiate contracts as asked. 

If I manually appoint a DoF and ask him to recruit staff and negotiate contracts then he doesn't recruit anyone and also doesn't negotiate contracts for existing staff. 

If I take responsibility for individual training for both Senior and U18 squad, although I'm able to arrange individual training for players in both squads, I am unable to influence PPM's for players in the U18's squad. 


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Hi @Ben Kenney

Thanks for the response. 

I reported a few bugs in the Beta that never got a response and I haven't seen anyone else report them and they are still in the game. 

Do I need to report them again or is there another way to highlight that they haven't been responded to? 

No response at all to this one. 

I bumped this one but still didn't get a response. 

I bumped this one too, but again no response. 

I don't know if this is a bug or not because in real life the Euro Conference hasn't been played before so I can't check the rules or format, but this didn't look quite right and again I didn't get a response. 

If I have to report these again, then I'm willing to do so. 

Thanks in advance. 


ps. I also reported the issue with the "nicknames" box being empty when you try to edit and was advised that it was a known issue, (I think this was the very 1st bug I reported), but that still hasn't been fixed either, (although I appreciate that it's a "cosmetic" feature.). 

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