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[Discussion] Add forward runs/'get further forward' as a possibility for the two wide CBs when playing in a back three


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I logged this towards the end of the beta but it didn't get picked up on which is understandable. It's not a bug, but I feel it's something that's missing from the game currently.

As it says in the title.

Playing 3 at the back has become more common over the past few years; particularly in England. If you watch certain teams playing a 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 or similar formation with 3 centre backs IRL, the two wide centre backs will often move forward and get involved in attacking play. Usually one will go forward and support the attacking play down their flank whilst the other stays back to defend against counters. At the moment, it's impossible to implement this in FM.  

Real life examples of this would include:

Sheffield United - there is a really good video showing examples of this here - Sheffield United 3-5-2 Attacking "Overlapping Centre Backs" | Football DNA

As you can see, the centre back will support attacking play down his flank; often running beyond his wing back. A holding midfield player will often cover him if necessary (ie, when there are two or three opposing forwards up the field to mark). Sheffield United are quite an extreme example of this because their centre backs often get right to the byline to cross the ball etc. 

England - watch Maguire, Mings or Walker play as the wide CBs. They will each get forward to support play on their flank. Maguire was heavily involved in the build up for Mount's goal vs Iceland the other week, by example. Instead of overlapping like Sheff Utd centre backs, he is providing support centrally/on the underlap.

Man City vs Arsenal in October - Man City lined up with a back 3 of Ake, Dias and Walker, but the two wide centre backs played very aggressively, almost playing as full backs. They defended as a 4-4-2 with Walker playing RCB and Cancelo RB, but the average formation actually looked like this:



I've tried to replicate getting CBs forward by playing them as full backs in the game with one central CB, but you just get hammered, even playing as Man City :D

I don't think this is something that you can say is replicated in game by player PPMs. It's tactical instruction from the manager, so would be good to have it worked into the ME.

It's also not something that features in ALL sides that play with a back three, so it shouldn't be defauly behaviour. Newcastle for example have been playing with a back three recently and whilst their CBs get nice and wide, they don't venture much further forward than the halfway line.

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