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[FM21] You have a problem with activating regional divisions in FM21? Read this thread.


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Hi everyone, I've created this topic to give you some tips on what to do if you cant activate regional divisions as easily as in last year's edition. Coders are of course aware of the problems, if you have any specific not mentioned down below, feel free to post over there:


Here are the scenarios.

#1. I can't verify basic rules (assuming you've set everything correctly).

This one is for people (including me) that gets errors about incorrect team number in division. And this is for the countries ALREADY IN DATABASE (like England, Scotland, France), not Ivory Coast or Bolivia.

  • Download resource archiver for fm21 (archiver is in the same place on steam as editor).
  • In archiver open and repack  the file called comp editor.fmf (the file is in main fm21 folder)
  • Copy this extracted comp editor folder to Football Manager 2021/data folder
  • In Football Manager 2021/data/comp editor/basic comps, open with notepad the country you want to edit (files have 3 letter names so you can easily find yours)
  • Check in editor the ID of the competition(s) you have problems with.
  • In this xml file search for that ID, it should be section with min max numbers, something like this

<integer id="competition" value="162504"/>

<integer id="nation" value="787"/>

<integer id="minimum_number_teams" value="18"/>

<integer id="maximum_number_teams" value="19"/>

<boolean id="next_season" value="false"/>

<boolean id="use_min_or_max" value="false"/>

<boolean id="ignore_minor_teams" value="false"/>

  • change the number(s) accordingly

#2. I've activated and successfully verified added divisions in basic rules but they are not shown in the game.

Right now you have two choices

  • If you have no experience with editing rules - unfortunately I'd recommend to wait for an editor fix, or check in editor's download section - maybe the country you want to play in is already made by someone.
  • If you have experience with editing rules - activate advanced rules and verify the rules there, fixing the problems from there is almost the same is last year (due to weird covid rule changes)


Remember that leagues could have changed league size just for this one season, it's possible to revert to 19/20 rules from 21/22 season but you'll need to have experience with advanced editor. I did that on my file in poland, did few simulations in editor and in game and works as intended.


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Thanks for the help. Assuming you are referring to the attached error. What do you do when the number of teams in competition found is 0? For example in England the nation rules error states 

'Require minimum of 6 teams for U23 Division 4 South found only 0' what would you do here? If you amend the file to <integer id="minimum_number_teams" value="0"/>

Does that mean some U23 teams won't get matches or will this be fine because the U23 Division 4 South doesn't actually exist anymore? 


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On 28/11/2020 at 14:58, Bigpole said:


Wouldn’t it be easier saving your file as an .xml and editing it that way rather than through the resource archiver? If you do it the latter way you’re editing the competitions for the whole game rather than in xml it’s just specific to your file.

5 hours ago, DC2525 said:


Division Four South is a parent competition, you’ll have to edit Division Four South East and Four South West individually. But you can put Division Four South to have a minimum of 0 teams.

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