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Massive bug please fix - transfers falling through for no reason

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https://gyazo.com/86ff330419e7f38b65a4cb976b4833d8 making bids 5-4 days before deadline day and everytime they get cancelled for no reason, every window, but if u make a bid on deadline day they go through. there is a bug, there must be, seen it loads now and its very frustrating, 5 days left and just dont hear anything then the deal falls through and its every deal you have going on at that time

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Thanks for the feedback. 

Would be interested in taking a look at your save game just before a bid has been made for a player whose deal will fall through. If you have a save which shows this issue would you be able to upload? 

Could you confirm if this is a network game or single player that you are experiencing this with? 



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