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Greyed-out goalkeepers

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Hi - I have a quick question about FM21, although I didn't play FM20 so this might also have ben the case in that edition. It seems like rather than clicking through to your U23s, B team, whatever, you now filter it with the button on the far right. That's fine, but what's annoying me is how it seems to be changing the situation with goalkeepers. 

Like Neil Warnock, I never name a sub goalkeeper on the bench. On the rare occasions that the goalkeeper gets injured I throw an out-field player in. I also don't like to have a second goalkeeper in the first-team squad, because if you ask the assistant manager to pick the subs, which I often do for unimportant games, he always picks a second goalkeeper. But I make sure that I have a reserve keeper in the U-23s, so that they can move up if the first-choice one gets a serious injury, because if you don't have one a greyed-out player gets generated, then the assistant manager picks them. 

In this edition it seems like a greyed-out goalkeeper gets generated even when I have a reserve goalkeeper in the U-23s. Is there any way to stop this happening? I appreciate that this is a small, pedantic and perhaps slightly anal concern, but I'm so used to the squad only having one goalkeeper in it that it's winding me up to have to have two. Thanks!


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Boro have a sub keeper on the bench right now. Last week Sol Brynn was at the match but not part of the squad as a second reserve. 


Surely just leave your worst U23 keeper in the first team to get round this. 

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