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I have a very simple question. Could somebody provide an explanation, why Assistant manager position in U19 squads is a seperate possition (like it has always been) and in "main A team" it is a coaching position, which means it effectively "steals" a slot from potential Coach/Fitness/Goalkeeping coach?

Thank you

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In FM21 there is now the ability to have multiple assistant managers within certain nations. These multiple assistant managers will now be counted within overall coaching staff numbers. So if a club allows 5 coaching staff the user could employ 3 assistant managers, 1 fitness coach and 1 coach. Or any combination up to 5 members of staff. 

The researchers of each nation determined whether their nation allowed multiple assistant managers or not. 

Could you please let me know who you are managing though? As this behaviour should potentially extend to youth sides too. 



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Certainly. Right now I am managing Almeria in LaLiga 2. Providing screenshots of both Staff tabs:
Main team: https://gyazo.com/e48655a359fbd8691161f5442448989e
U19 team: https://gyazo.com/8b4b51377ce7248385e4716c65a0e832

Thank you for explanation , didnt honestly know I can have more assistants now.Dont know how valueable it is yet or what implication does it make from the usual 1 ass.man standart from previous years, but an interesting feature.

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