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After 3 seasons with the same tactics suddenly a lot of cards

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I'm managing Newcastle United and in my 3rd season. We're doing very well overall, but for some reason this season we're getting a LOT of cards. I'm talking 3-5 yellow cards in almost all games, some games even 7. I've even had a few fines for it already. Thankfully actual red cards have been rare. 

I haven't changed my tactic or instructions, my captain has also been the same for 2 seasons now (Hayden). Anything I'm missing that could cause an increase in cards?

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Maybe it is not how your team is set up, but instead how teams set up against you. Teams perhaps exploit different aspects of your formation, leading players to be put in situations where they are forced into commiting fouls to break up potentially dangerous attacks.

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15 hours ago, Takamaru said:

Thanks. I assumed it was something wrong with my tactics, hence the tactics forum.

It's quite possible, but you did not either post a screenshot of your tactic or at least provided some meaningful info on the tactic, so that we could have offered any tactical suggestions. 

But if you want to share your tactic (screenshot) with us, I can move the topic back to the tactical forum again :thup:

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