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[FM21] Hell's Youth - Chertanovo home-grown challenge

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Season 2033/34 – part 2


Two central midfielders, Borzykh and Ushakov lead the list. Striker Panin, mentioned in the preview, isn’t the player with highest potential but his personality and mental attributes look really good.



Two crossbars and a disallowed goal didn’t allow us to win the first leg, though a home clean sheet isn’t so bad in playoffs.


Porto played slightly better at home, but the away goals rule worked in our favour after both team scored from penalties. We will face Man City in the quarter-final, hardly have any chance to defeat them but will try our best. The league restarted with four confident wins, and we shortened the gap from Zenit to three points.


Scoring first on 85th minute wasn’t enough even for a draw, but anyway I doubt that we could keep even the one goal lead at Etihad. In addition to that 0-4 defeat, we lost our best striker Lebedev for the very important league game against Zenit. However Burenkov, who finally got a chance to play on his favourite position at front, became a good replacement and scored the only goal which let us share the top spot. Though we have the toughest remaining schedule among three contenders and already lost one game, which leaves us no other choice than winning all others and hoping for Zenit mistakes.


We were very angry after losing to Akhmat and didn’t leave any chance for Krasnodar with four goals before half-time. And at the same time Zenit also slipped in Grozny, making us the sole leaders… until we returned this gift next matchday :seagull::seagull: :seagull:  The cup win (third in a row) was a very small consolation, I’d rather prefer three points which we lost in the league.


Third place even doesn’t guarantee us playing in the Champions League group, and it’s especially disappointing to finish behind the team that we recently smashed 5-0. Lebedev won the best goalscorer award with 22 goals, that’s the first time our player finishes on top.  


Squad stats

Best eleven:


Barinov ------------------------------------ Yesin





 No changes in the starting lineup. Lebedev breaks his own goalscoring record, aiming for 30 next season maybe?


In addition to six our current players, Anisimov (a regular starter for Barcelona) and A.Tsarev (star of the Chinese league) were called up to the World Cup. So, more than one third of the current national team came through our academy!

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Pre-season 2034/35



Despite losing the title last season, we became the best Russian club in reputation!




Also Nikita Pershin, the last remaining real player in our squad and team captain in recent years, left us on free transfer. His 330 games in 15 seasons are the club record at the moment.


Russia finished above Brazil in the group on goal difference but then again lost to Serbia, on the same stage as four years ago. Our players scored four of the six team goals – two by Lebedev, one by Pronchev and Barinov.

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Season 2034/35 – part 1


We won our fourth Supercup, started the league with two big wins but once again dropped points against Akhmat. Still it’s a good start, though I wanted more when the European games haven't started yet.


Reaching the group stage wasn’t any problem, we even could affort resting all the starters after gaining a big advantage in first games. And Lebedev’s five goals against Braga let him match a club record set by Pinyaev in one of the first seasons. The league form wasn’t ideal with that home draw but it was enough for taking the top spot so far.


Three wins in the league and unfortunate start of the Champions League group when we couldn’t score against Saint-Etienne at home. Now we obviously need to do better against stronger sides, Lazio and defending title holders Atletico.


Some great results came in October, including confident wins over Zenit, Krasnodar and Lazio. And a goalless draw in Madrid leaves us a chance for finishing first in the group, if we defeat Atletico at home. Lebedev is in amazing form, before this season I hoped that he would reach 30 goals mark, but he already scored 28!


Two achievements remain unreachable for us so far – winning the Champions League group and finishing the season unbeaten. Despite these disappointing defeats at home (Akhmat again!), we are leading the league with six point advantage over Zenit and secured a place in knockout rounds.


The year ended with two unimpressive, but still pleasing wins.



This advantage doesn’t guarantee us an easy title win, of course, but we can afford to pay a bit more attention to other competitions.


Juventus played in the same group as Zenit and only overtook them on head-to-head goal difference. I guess, we have a chance to beat them.


Quite a promising preview, it seems like we’ll get a future replacement for Rudenko, two good wingers and an attacking midfielder.


More awards for Lebedev! He won the Golden Boy and Kopa Trophy second time in a row, was selected as best Russian player and included into the world’s best eleven!

Also our academy became second most productive in Europe, only Atletico has most home-grown players in the top leagues.

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Season 2034/35 – part 2


Goalkeeper Drozhalkin is really the most promising player among this intake, winger Bondarev and Azeri right-back Sukurov also have a good chance to become quality players in future. And we got four players with foreign nationalities, I think it's the highest number for us and can be connected with growing reputation.


We sold our backup defensive midfielder Gorbunov for a decent fee, as one of the younger players already can play on the same level. And I have no idea why Chelsea signed Mamin, other than he’s somehow related to Abramovich :D Also we received a massive 103M bid for Lebedev, luckily he had no intention to leave the team.



Could get a better result against Juventus with some missed chances, but hopefully 1-0 at home will allow us to advance in return leg, even without suspended Gudkov.


That’s something really similar to the previous season – we advance on away goals and get Man City in quarter-final. At least now we have nine points above all other teams in the league and lost in the cup, so can concentrate only on continental games, but anyway I doubt that would be enough :D 


We couldn’t field all our strongest players at Etihad, as Lebedev wasn’t ready to play all 90 minutes. So, I decided to move Burenkov up front and make the midfield more defensive minded, giving youngster Polovinchuk his fourth senior start in the career. And he eventually became our best player there, scoring the goal that could be important... but we weren’t good enough at home conceding twice early :( 

Later we secured our third league title in a very pleasing way – by defeating our last remaining rivals in a head-to-head game at their stadium. Zenit actually scored first, but then Yesin’s two goals gave us a reason to celebrate!


A lot of rotation in these last games, some younger players made their debuts but we managed to avoid defeats against quite strong opponents.


CSKA and Spartak failed FFP, so European places are quite a mess. I hope we'll finally manage to defend the league title next season, as couldn't do it twice before.


Squad stats

Best eleven:


Barinov ------------------------------------ Yesin





The only replacement in our best eleven is center-back Demchenko who’s winning the competition with more experienced Panteleev. Lebedev’s stats were not so impressive in spring but still his 38 goals are an amazing result. I guess, soon he should overtake Barinov as our all-time best goalscorer.

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