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Excluding teams from end of season playoffs


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So im trying to recreate the New Zealand premiership everything is done but im trying to get Continental qualification perfect, this happens as follows.

League winner gets automatic spot
At the same time after the season ends there is a 4 team play off and the winner of that playoff get the other spot.
If the League winner wins the league and the playoff the second team on the table get the second Champions league spot

The problem i am having is that the Wellington Phoenix reserves play in this league and they are excluded from qualifying for both the OFC Champions League. i am having massive issues trying to make this happen. I ahve tried multiple version of "ignore teams" nothing seems to work.

I am also having issues i didnt have last year getting the playoff winners and the league winners (and if needed the second place team) to qualify for the Champions league.

Can someone help possibly? I will upload both the Champions league (you need it as the default version is broken) and the NZ premiership files. If you can have a look and see where i have goen wrong that would be great.


O-League.fmf ISPS Handa Premiership Advanced.fmf

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