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AI not registering senior players

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I've just played my 2nd PL game of my 2nd season, which was against Tottenham. Their line up was so odd I assumed they'd bought or promoted some younger players I'd never heard of or had major injury problems, so after the game I checked their squad and they seemed to have their entire senior squad unregistered for the league, with only Lamela and players from their youth sides available. I'm still in the middle of August and they do have until the end of the month to finalise their player lists so maybe they'll get it sorted then, but even so there is no reason for this to happen surely? The senior guys played in their pre-season games, and they aren't involved with international sides or anything like that, just seems really odd. 

Edit: Okay this seems to be a much bigger issue, looks like pretty much every team is doing the same thing and I've got no idea why. Feels like a bug but maybe I'm missing something? 


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