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[FM21] VV Montferland - Youth Only in the Netherlands

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VV Montferland




Hello, and welcome to my save, where my aim is to take VV Montferland to the top of Dutch football (hopefully), with players from my youth academy only!

I have done this a few times over the last years. I have made a few threads where I have posted updates from my saves, mainly from "unusual" countries, such as Malta and Lithuania. This year I'll take charge of VV Montferland, a team currently sitting in the 8th tier of Dutch football. This will be harder than ever, as the Maltese and the Lithuanian leagues are not on the same level as Dutch football. We start as an amateur team, and will probably have a few of our players poached over the next seasons, making it even harder.


My only reasoning for going with VV Montferland is their kits, as I really like the colours!


VV Montferland is a Dutch amateur football club from the municipality of Montferland in Gelderland. The club was founded in 2019 through a merger of the football clubs VV Sint Joris from Braamt and VV Zeddam from Zeddam.The home matches and training sessions of VV Montferland take place at De Padevoort sports park in Zeddam.


And that is about the only thing I could find about the club!


I can sign players that have been produced in our academy (that means loans as well), other than that, no signings.




Of course we start with everything as basic as it gets.




Say hello to Warg X. He has to develop a lot!


I downloaded the db from the steam workshop.


Squad Overview

First Team


We start of with a big squad of players, three of them really standing out from the rest. The main problem at the moment has to be the left and right backs.


Key Players

Our "star player" at the start of the save. Hopefully we can get the best out of him, and even more important, keep hold of him!


 The best 15 year old at the club, and our first choice goalkeeper.



The best striker at the club, hopefully he can get us some goals.


U18 Team


A lot of 5* pot players. No one really stands out.



It was an extremely short pre season, with only one game played!

I'll be back soon with the next update.

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Top Posters In This Topic

November/December 2020



Even when we had two draws in December we managed to grow the gap with two points, as Rheden is in a bad run of form. Still no clean sheets.


Some good news as well!



That's two upgrades in the bag!

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Youth Intake 2021

The most anticipated day of the year is here! Our first ever youth intake!


And it is a brilliant first for us!

When I do the youth only saves, the first intake usually consists of 0.5* CA and 5* PA. This time we a lot of players that is better than that. I like that we have a lot of different nationalities as well!


The star of course is Nihat Karabacak (YP01a)


Very good passing for this level!



Could be a decent CB for us.



My assistant manager rates him higher than me to be honest.

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March/April/May 2021



Our first promotion! We managed to make it a lot closer in the end, but clinched promotion with the last game of the season. And even got a clean sheet in that game, the first of the season!

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End of the 2020/2021 Season


As I said in the earlier post, we won promotion on the first try!

Overall a pretty good season. There is one thing we have to fix going in to the next season, and that is our defence, as keeping one clean sheet over 26 games just is not good enough. Thankfully, we had two strikers that scored for fun, and that saved us this year. If we take a look at OBW, they had the exact same problem, scoring a lot of goals, and conceding a lot as well!



A lot of the younger players that has played regularly over the season has grown quite a bit. Muhammed Gürleyen is a very good example of this, as he started as a 2* CA player. At one point in the season he was our highest rated player. That changed with the youth intake, as Karabacak (YP01a) was at 5* CA.


Season Review









A brilliant season for Sjoerd Metgod, as he netted 35 goals in 26 games! Add on the 14 assists, and he was responsible for 49 out of the 84 goals we scored!

He is wanted by a few clubs now, and I hope we can keep a hold of him for the next season at least!

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2021/2022 Pre Season

This was a pretty good pre season, with a lot of wins, and many goals. The only game we lost was against FC Dordrecht, a team that was in the Eredivisie in the 14/15 season. A couple of clean sheets in there as well. I'm hopeful we can take this form with us in to the season!




Some of the players that was just breaking in to  the team at the end of last season has grown quite a bit over the summer. One example is Patryk Powszuk (YP01c).


Key Players

He is listed as the key player at the club, and is perhaps our best player. But, I don't use CM in my tactic, and we already have two very good players in the AMC position. I'm retraining him, so hopefully we can use his talent elsewhere on the pitch.


Our second best striker last year.


Our best player in terms of CA going in to last season. Was not that impressive, but enough to be a key player this year.


PoTS last season, and the top scorer. If he keeps the goalscoring up this season as well, we should be in for a good season.



We're predicted to finish bottom. We will do better, that I am sure of. But back to back promotions will be hard.


The financial side of things is looking good at the moment.

Another upgrade to the youth training will probably make us lose some cash. I have asked the board for upgrades a few times over the last few months, and they won't upgrade just yet.

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Can anyone top this?



This was the first game of the new season... Seven goals from their striker...

Almost the craziest comeback in football history though! But in the end, we lost it... 

Still, we should have won according to xG. Not that it matters.

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August 2021


Not a good start. The game against Prinses Irene (great name by the way) was crazy. Down eight goals after 50 min...

All the games we have played, except the one against Helvoirt was against teams that is favourites to go up. So it's not that bad.


Most goals scored, and most goals conceded.

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January/February 2022


I changed the DM to a CM, and it has worked wonders. Seven games unbeaten at the time I'm writing this. And ending Februay with a 9-2 win is great!


It is a far shot, but if the teams above us starts to lose games we might actually battle for promotion!

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Youth Intake 2022


I have nothing else to say than that this youth intake is absolutely insane. These guys could probably beat our best starting eleven!

I have a love for great names, and this year we have a few. Especially Dion Tjon-A-Loi (YP02c)!


I can't post a picture of everyone. But here's some of them!


The best player this year sorted after CA.


Another contender for our CM position!


Our new starting LB. He is a bit slow though. I might retrain him to play as a CB.




By the way, Hakki Hoffmeister (YP02a) is so good that he made out best striker go from a 5* CA to a 3.5* CA player.

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  • Warg92 changed the title to [FM21] VV Montferland - Youth Only in the Netherlands

End of the 2021/2022 Season


We almost managed to catch up to the teams in front of us, a very good achievement in itself, as we were just three points above the relegation spot at one point. We turned the season around with just slight change of tactic, going from a 4-1-2-1-2 to a 4-3-1-2.

Again, it was the defence that let us down, with 52 conceded. Well, let us down might be a bit harsh, as I am the one that sets the tactic...

Our attacking players did their job though, with us scoring 94 goals! Far more than any other team in the league.



Same as the last season, a lot of growth over the year. I will most likely release the players that don't have 5* PA. Except for Sjoerd Metgod and Hafid Khalid, they stay. For now...


Season Review




More red than I like.




Fans' PoTS


Another good season for Sjoerd Metgod. Not as good as last season, but it was a harder league as well.



In my opinion Gino de Mooij was better this year, and he is my player of the season. Being responsible for 42 goals is great!



No pressure going in to the next season, with us avoiding relegation is the only plan.

If we keep our form from the last few months up, I have no doubts we will be fighting for the league title, and a promotion!

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Pre Season 2022/2023


A good run of friendlies. We're a fun team to watch at least!




We have pretty good cover for every position at the moment.


Key Players


He is our new starting AMC. I am looking forward to watch him play this season!


Almost our entire starting eleven this year will consist of the players from last seasons youth intake!



The odds are better in our favor this season. One thing to note is that the team that we beat to the league title two seasons ago is the favourites to win the league.



Even after we got the youth training upgraded one more time we're still not losing money. That is a good sign!

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September/October 2022


Two bad draws in September, with late goals conceded in both. In the first game of October our 22 unbeaten run came to an end against Volharding. Hopefully that was just a little dip in our form, and we are back on the right track after the 4-1 win against GRC.


We lost the first spot as well...

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November/December 2022


Very close to a perfect month! We conceded in the 88th minute against VDZ, but it does not matter.


Five points ahead of Rheden. If we continue to play like we did these two months, we're good!

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Youth Intake 2023


Another great youth intake! We get an absolute giant as our best player, and he might be our new star man up top!

The personalities is not good by any means though,



Looking forward to see him on the pitch!

Probably our new CB. He's maybe lacking a bit in height, but I will play him there anyhow! 


This guy looks like a decent LW.

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End of the 2022/2023 Season


We end the season up top, with a nine point gap down to second place. Rheden was right behind all the way this season, and only when we beat them in the third last game of the season we managed to cement our place as the league winners!

We scored seven goals more than last season, and conceded 16 less than we did. The defence was much better this year, and might be the main reason we did so well. We also scored over 100 goals for the first time. Hopefully we can do that again some time!



Sjoerd Metgod keeps scoring for fun, even tough he is one of our worst players according to CA. I don't care about CA to be honest, as long as the player performs, he stays!


Season Review






Best XI 2022/2023



Best Overall XI



Fans' PoTS


Third time in a row Sjoerd Metgod wins the Fan's PoTS award, and this year he is my PoTS as well. The assists have dried up a bit, but who cares as long as he keeps scoring the goals for us!



No pressure next season.

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Love seeing a lower league thread in the Netherlands! Some very familiar names. Always funny to see them on the forum. You're going pretty die-hard with only one promotion spot. In real life, the best three teams which are not promoted play promotion playoffs.

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21 hours ago, Timetxu said:

Love seeing a lower league thread in the Netherlands! Some very familiar names. Always funny to see them on the forum. You're going pretty die-hard with only one promotion spot. In real life, the best three teams which are not promoted play promotion playoffs.

Too bad it's not like if real life then, it would have been a little "easier". There seems to be a lack of play-offs all the way until we reach the second tier.

With the play-offs not added I can't "luck" my way through the play-offs to the next tier :P

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Pre Season 2023/2024


A decent pre season. We played a couple of teams we should lose against, Helmond and FC Dordrecht, who both play in the second tier of Dutch football. Dietkirchen and Bennekom we should have beaten.



One thing I can say for certain is that we have a lot talent coming through. It is up to them to get a spot in the starting XI.


Key Players


Hakki Hoffmeister made the AMC position his own last season, and is key for us in the coming season.



The new boy that came through our last youth intake will be our new starting striker beside Sjoerd Metgod this season.



We have three very similar central midfielders now, but Nihat Karabacak will start our first game of the season, and then we shall se how it unfolds.



Looks like an uphill battle this season.



We're losing a bit of money every year, but considering we have upgraded the youth coaching three (four?) times, we're not losing money that fast!

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August/September 2023



A decent start to our new life in Dutch Eerste Klasse Zondag. The game against HVCH we should have won. SV TOP beat us 1-4, and it could have been even more, as we struggled to keep up with their pacy striker.

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October/November/December 2023



Four wins and two lost games over these three months. It is very tight at the top, with four team battling for promotion!

When we lost 0-2 against Uno Animo it was the first time in this save that we didnt score a goal!

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I like wingers, as that is something we need at the moment.

"A top prospect in the centre of midfield is not something that I'm too happy about, as that is the position we have the most cover at the moment.

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January/February/March 2024



These three months were very close to perfect, with only two points lost. Even better, be beat our closest rivals at the top, and now we have a four point gap down to them!

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End of the 2023/2024 season


We're going up! This is the third promotion in four years! I did not think that was possible, as we were predicted dead last before the season.

Not only did we score the most goals this season by far, but the defence was very good this season as well.


 Sjoerd Metgod has lost his place in the starting eleven, and is our worst player at the moment in terms of CA, but I want him at the club until he leaves by himself.


Season Review






Best XI 2023/2024



Best Overall XI


I have to give Sjoerd a game next season as well, so he's not stuck at 99 games.


Fan's PoTS


This is my PoTS as well. He has performed very well up top this season, and has grown a little bit as a player.



Another year with no pressure. Except for not being relegated of course.

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Pre Season 2024/2025

We played a lot of friendlies this pre season, with a lot of mixed results. Every game we lost was against teams above us in the Dutch pyramid. And we only lost with one goal in those games. All in all decent results.



All of our top players have been approached over the summer, and I am bit scared that we will lose them over the season. The big names being Niek Beuker (YP04a) and Mees Roseboom (YP03a).


Key Players


Our best player when we look at the CA. We played better last season as well when he joined us.



They big guy up top! He will have a partner with him that is 198cm as well!


One of our best players ever since he came through the youth academy. He needs to be at his best for us this season!



I doubt we'll fight for promotion this year!



The finances is not looking to good at the moment.

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August 2024



A decent start to season. Two of the strikers that was above Sjoerd Metgod in the picking order got injured, so he got his chance against Concordia. He has to play more games it seems!

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Ah, you're now in the same division as RBC, a former professional club. In 2005/2006 they played in the Eredivisie, but relegated at the end of the season. In 2011 they went bankrupt, en restarted in the ninth tier.

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