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The tablet view


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I'm a little confused about the layout of the tablet 'view' during games.

I've attached the view I'm currently using.

Match stats/events:
On the left, we have an uneditable 'match stats', along with events in the game. So because the match stats are not editable... I have to dual view 'match stats', to get extra stats - which means I lose out on viewing other things I would like to view. Seems completely pointless and a waste of space on screen, at the moment.

The 'Dugout' view:
This is uneditable and cannot be minimised. Yet this is completely blank for 75% of the game for me. So it's just a black box, that takes up nearly a third of the screen, for the majority of the game.
Can this be made smaller? The 'pop up' notifications on FM20 were much more efficient.
Can we edit the type of advice that we're given? This feels like a very strange change to what was already working fine.

Editable options:
Only two? I get that this related to the pixel count. But can this not be made to 4, with scrolling functions?

Bottom panel:
If making a 'quick sub' at the bottom... can it pause the game? I'll do 3 subs and they'll come on individually.

Windows during highlights:
Why have these been removed? I used to have match stats, latest scores and the league table on my screen, during highlights on FM20. So I could then focus on other stats/windows, between highlights. I've gone from personally viewing 8 different views of information (with the option of more)... to a maximum of 4, along with the dugout view - and one is dual viewed for additional match stats. I'm guessing I speak for most players... that it's better to have as much information in front of me, as possible.
It feels like there's been some fantastic windows/views that have been created... but the user can only ever view a small amount of them. Seems extremely restricted.

Overall... I'm sure there are legitimate reasons for the changes/removals. But although it looks and performs better than FM20... the usability has lessened. And I'm not sure why.

Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 21.17.50.png

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18 hours ago, marco.mars said:
I think this links with my point above, in regards to your screen size/pixel count/resolution. I use an old mid-2012 MacBook Pro (non retina)... So it may be that? The higher the pixel count, the more you can get on screen, maybe?
I completely agree with you, and I think the fm20 view was much better. One question: how did you manage to put the two panels from the tablet, on the right? He only gives me one!


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