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Leaderboards - FM not working for single season in Nation or Division

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As per title.

I seem to be picking up points for single game and  single season but I (and it appears nobody) is picking up points for single season in nation, or single season in division.

Not a game breaker, and I know leaderboards are derided, but can't see a post regarding them so not sure if it's a bug or by design.

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Same here , I started 3 times with a team from England and after finishing a season with each of them I noticed the following errors in the Leaderboards section :

On section FM - All Time I have 901722 points ( with each team I made about 450000 points (450000 X 3 = 1,350,000) here I don't know if it's an error or not that I have only 901722 points)

on Single Season I have 468993 points,

on Single Game I have 469005 points (here clearly it is an error, to make as many points in a single game as in a season, I mention that the points from a single game did not influence the points from all time, so the bug affect only the single game section)

on Single Season in Nation I do not appear at all when I select England, and the big surprise is that only 3 users appear (I doubt that in England they finished 1 single season only 3 users so far .... I also checked in Spain and there only 2 users finished 1 season,) and these users are from the beginning from the first days of beta since then no one has appeared in this section.

on Single Season in Division the same story as in Single Season in Nation section ....... if I look in the nations in which I played I do not exist .... and there I find only 1-2 users who finished or in 90% of the leagues no one.

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Football Manager 21.1.3 Minor Update is out and still nothing about the leaderboards section that doesn't work.... 

I understand that there are other bugs that are much more urgent to solve, but at least put on this topic " known issue " so that we know that you have at least read this topic and you know about the errors.....

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