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Can't switch between team talk and tactics

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I've started a couple of saves and keep getting this same problem.


At half time during a match, if you make your team talk and then decide to make a substitution or alter tactics via the tactics screen, you are unable to get back to your team talk.


In past FM's you were free to switch back and forth between team talks and tactics at half time, but there's no option for this on FM21.


It's the only thing wrong with the game at the moment in my opinion. Fingers crossed it can be fixed :)

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Yeah, not a bug. It's an oversight.

Needs to be fixed though. It was discussed in beta by members of the dev team (I am sure I recall it being mentioned). Hopefully it is scheduled to be changed.

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Same here.

Happens the same if -after the match ends- you accidentally go to the team talk... then you can't go back to the match stats. So if you had a "Man of the Match" player and you want to have a nice word to him, you can't know, you'll have to guess.

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Every now and then I forget the issue exists. Just took off a player at half time who had a 5.3 rating, but then I couldn't give him an individual team talk telling him how badly he performed.


Hope this is being looked at?

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On 25/01/2021 at 21:42, DaggerPaul said:

Press the keyboard backspace key, that will take you back to the teamtalk screen.

Thanks. Just got the game today, and not being able to go back to the team talk was frustrating. I also can't seem to return to viewing stats at half time. Thought this would have been sorted out by now. One of the reasons I hold of buying FM at launch is so these kind of things get fixed. Cheers.

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