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So, I pre ordered the game and while playing the beta I had the above issue. I tried all was suggested in the threads here, but nothing worked. So, I said, it is ok, I`ll wait for the full game , nut nothing has changed, then I unistalled the game, and I have to play the fm 20 because I bought a game but is unplayable for me. I dont think is fair, it is not a bug , but a malfunction and nobody in SI is able to fix??? I am speechless

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2 hours ago, Neil Brock said:

Yes, I had to resize all windows to get it work, but still having sizing issue, as the match experience is awful. I can't have more than 2 widgets, and cannot resize what I have. I mean this is something that let me lose interest about the game tbh. I am not playing that much, and I feel really disappointed. 

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