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Can't continue after letting board handle contract negotiations

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I am running into issue where I can't continue after interacting with my board during contract negotiations. I needed more money to resign a player and they said they would handle negotiations but now I am stuck on this screen:


Please advise

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  • SI Staff

Thanks for the feedback. 

Do you happen to have a save game from just before you entered negotiations with Bradbury or a save game where you are stuck? If so could you please upload the save game via our cloud. Details on how to upload can be found via the link below. 

Obviously we want to get to the bottom of the issue but I believe a save and reload should resolve your issue and if not holiday for one day. 



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  • SI Staff

Thanks for the save game. 

I've not managed to reproduce in five attempts unfortunately. 

Did you adjust playing time or contract details before you asked the board to handle the contract negotiations? 

Having asked the board to deal with negotiations can you remember which options you chose below in the interaction? Just wondering if there is a certain path that triggers the Must Respond issue. 


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I did it twice, first time I chose the option on the left. The second time I was given more options but I forget what exactly it said. Both times I adjusted the salary to be able to offer it to him since he was demanding more then I could afford but then asked the board to handle because he was asking for more than my budget.

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