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12th with newcastle , lost my job due to takeover ( whats your experience? )

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as above, gutted was in only in December but the save had 25+ hours into it :(

it is what it is we move on, wondering how others are getting on with toon takeovers?  i had 3 inside 1 year (during beta)

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I was under the impression that it was coded in a few years back you would always at the very least get a set period of time to impress the new owners, and would never just be sacked immediately on takeover. Was that changed?

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On FM20, I had a takeover with Norwich, got immediately sacked. I quit instantly and reloaded the last save which was just before the takeover was confirmed. I did this 4 times before I then didn't get sacked. 

Not exactly with the "morals" of the game I know, but worth trying if you really want to carry on in the job? 

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