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Player names on tactics screen not showing...


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Hi there,

I have been using the Kojuro v2 skin since beta which I think is great because I really like this years default skin, except for the bright white parts on the inbox, scouting, etc.

However, since the full release of the game, the players names no longer appear on the tactics screen. Does anyone know if I can add/edit anything to the skin files to make these show without having to wait to see if the original skin author updates it or not?

I know from watching twitch that there was various skins with the same issue on release night.

Thanks in advance.


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Nevermind I fixed it myself..

I just edited /panels/tactics/tactics icon info panel overview.xml - and found the typo on the following line;

                    <widget class="player_picker_button" entity_layout_id="it02" id="plPB" file="widgets/player selection button tacitcs" editor_group_id="it10" navigation_focus_target="true">

It should read "player selection button tactics" and not "tacitcs" - After saving the change, reload the skin.

Not sure why this worked on the beta and not full release but at least it's now working.

Edited by d2707
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