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[FM21] The Wanderer

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Our second round opponents were Spain. The scoreline looks extremely comfortable, but Spain will feel they've been on the wrong end of a mugging. This could easily have been a 1 goal victory, or even gone to extra time



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It was Italy in the semi finals, and it ended as all English semi finals do. In defeat. On penalties. The only difference is that there wasn't a German in sight


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1 hour ago, DJ Sir Matthew said:

Nice thread (only discovered it this week, had some reading/catching up to!)

In retrospect, people will probably say you had your best years between 2044 & 2047 right?

I won the league every season bar one from 2037-2046, so I'd argue that was my best period, and also won the World Cup during that period too. The last four years (basically from leaving Barcelona for Spurs to the end of my career) were a bit of a disappointment. If I'd won at the same rate during that period, I'd have been a lot closer to Jürgen Klopp at the top of the Hall of Fame. It didn't help that he worked until he was 76, and won titles all the way through.

2 hours ago, Rikulec said:

That's a great journey you've had there. :applause:

Thanks Rikulec. Expect me to be back with a new thread before too much longer, probably after the Euros end

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Was just lurking as i'm kinda busy rn. But was a great run, that's for sure!


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