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[FM21] The Wanderer


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Hello, and welcome to my first FM21 career save.

The Manager

I'm going to be managing as myself, but with my attributes matching the Plymouth Argyle manager, Ryan Lowe, as closely as possible. Here I am


and for comparison, Ryan Lowe


The Challenge

The challenge is to take Bolton Wanderers as far as I can, before embarking on a journeyman save, the objective being to become the best manager in the world, topping the World Hall of Fame.

The Starting Point

As already stated, the journey begins at Bolton Wanderers.


and this is the squad I've inherited. Frankly, it's huge, and there are loads of players who aren't good enough for this level. Some have the potential to be, but several do not. A lot of players will be moved on over the course of the next season or so



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Top Posters In This Topic

There have been a lot of transfers since last season, but only those highlighted happened after my arrival


Madianga is a left back


Feruz can play as a striker or a number 10. I don't use a 10, so he'll be my backup striker


and Sowah is a left back. On paper, not the best left back at the club, but those ahead of him are also the best we have in other positions (one a centre back, the other a right back), so he will be the main left back




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We made a solid start to the season, giving a decent account (for 45 minutes) at Goodison Park, but we lacked cutting edge at Colchester


but that was enough to top the table after 3 games. That's the target for the end of the season, with the board demanding promotion


It wasn't all good news though, as an injury to Billy Crellin left me needing an emergency keeper. I got one. He's not brilliant, but he'll do for the month that Crellin is out injured, and will be the backup keeper once he is fit again. Matt Gilks is refusing to leave the club, despite me telling him he has no future. He is my goalkeeping coach, but he's terrible at that too, so I'll replace him when his contract expires at the end of the season


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28 minutes ago, SRL88 said:

Good luck with this :)

Thought about a save rebuilding Bolton, so will be following.

Thanks mate. The squad is a mess when you go in, and there was no room in the wage budget. I'm going to be screwed next season if the players I loaned out don't leave permanently.  

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The transfer deadline wasn't until October, and there have been more changes


Lloyd Jones is a centre back


Kane Ramsay is a right back


N'Guessan is a midfielder


and Colclough can play on either wing.


We are done signing players this season. The January window will be all about departures



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1 hour ago, Rikulec said:

Best of luck mate. :thup:

Thanks Rikulec. We were slightly disappointing in October, losing 3 games, 2 at home


No arguments with the Grimsby or Cambridge defeats, but we were very unlucky against Oldham


and that sees us drop to third. Still in a promotion spot, but we really want to win the title


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1 hour ago, SRL88 said:

Sitting nicely in the league, despite that frustrating result against Oldham. 

Think you spoke too soon :( Unbeaten, but frustrating November


as a late goal cost us 2 points in a game xG says we should have won at Stevenage


and the same happened at Scunthorpe


to see us end the month only in the playoffs. Nowhere near good enough. 



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We were unbeaten in the league in December, our only defeat coming in the Papa John's Trophy. We didn't deserve to lose that, but we didn't deserve a draw at home to Tranmere, so I'm glad the results went the other way


and that has lifted us back to the top of the table, 2 points clear of Grimsby, 8 clear of 4th placed Cambridge


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Unbeaten in February


but we really should have beaten Stevenage


and Southend


but we are now 5 points clear at the top, and Bradford have overhauled Grimsby to become our nearest challengers. Hopefully, the 4 points dropped against Stevenage and Southend don't come back to bite us.


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Two draws to finish the season


and whilst the Exeter game was even (at least in terms of xG, we dominated the shots, shots on target and possession stats in that one), we were much the better team against Crawley


and this is how the league table finished, Bradford missing out on promotion on the final day


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Time for the end of season review


Beginning with squad changes (there were way too many)


Season results were great, until the last few weeks of the season, when we ran out of steam


There were some really good wins


and although still in debt, the board are happy with the finances


This was our Best XI


and we picked up a few awards too


and although we won the league by 6 points in the end, but it could have been much more




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Always enjoy Journeyman saves as myself. Will follow with interest. Especially interested in where you end up after Bolton. 

and of course your tactics....

Always looking to learn....even if I am sort of wedded to the 4-2-3-1 Wide and am something of a "American Mourinho" in style. 

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9 hours ago, DavidBeckham said:

Congrats on your promotion to League One mate! Unlucky defeat against Wigan but I'm sure you will bounce back! 

Thanks mate. It's going to be a tough season, our finances are ruined, we still need to sell players as we're haemorrhaging cash.

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6 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Good going! Did you sell Darcy?

Yes, I did. They offered £50k, but I managed to push them into a deal for £70k with add-ons taking the total to £100k. No choice due to our finances. There will be more departures in January

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1 hour ago, Hootieleece said:

Always enjoy Journeyman saves as myself. Will follow with interest. Especially interested in where you end up after Bolton. 

and of course your tactics....

Always looking to learn....even if I am sort of wedded to the 4-2-3-1 Wide and am something of a "American Mourinho" in style. 

Thanks mate. Happy to share my tactic with you, so here it is:


It's called Kevball because it's based around a tactic used by YouTube streamer Kevin Chapman, aka Lollujo. If you haven't already, check out his YT channel, he's a fantastic content creator. I have made minor tweaks to his tactic, to better suit the players I have, although if it doesn't start producing results in League 1, further tweaks will be needed.

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On paper, August was a terrible month, as we lost all bar one game


but we deserved more against Fleetwood






in the league against Burton


and the Papa John's Trophy too


Obviously, having no points after 5 matches leaves us bottom of the table, but we are not far away from getting results


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