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Promise question re the definition of "Youth"

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Firstly I want to say that I'm glad that SI decided to highlight when promises are happening!

However, I promised Aubameyang that I'd play young players in midfield after selling Xhaka - fully knowing that young academy graduate Joe Willock will get plenty of minutes. Turns out Joe is now 21 and I don't think he's counting towards the promise.

Looking in my 'Promises' tab it turns out that I seem to have offered to play "youth" players in midfield, I guess that means something specific in terms of age. I reckon 21 is still pretty young, but am I going to miss this promise? Do I need to play a 16 year old in the cup or something?! I bought in other midfielders too so was hoping that Willock would fulfil the promise...

Thanks for your help :)

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I suspect that 21 wont be interpreted as a youth and it may be players in the 18-19 age bracket.  Frankly, it is patently ridiculous that any player can try and force you as the manager to play any specific type of player in the first team.  I appreciate that it too late now, but promises like that ( and most others) are best not made at all as they almost always lead to problems

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Thanks FrazT.

I don't mind the concept of promises but I'd like the parameters of the promise to be a bit clearer in advance! I had a plan that, in a real conversation, would have been understood and agreed but it turns out that I actually agreed to something else entirely. Oh well, maybe next year!

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