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Increasing subs allowed in editor


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Hi, hope someone can help.

I have done a lot of searching on how to change the allowance of subs in the (for example) the premier league. Have added a nation rule etc and followed all steps.... however when i go to validate it gives me a huge long list of issues in the English Leagues (mostly lower leagues),,,for example "minimum number of teams in EFL Central League is 12, 13 found).... 


Any way around this? All i want to do is add a few subs FFS :lol:

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On 25/11/2020 at 07:32, Wolf_pd said:

Check the file in the download section.

The English issues are known and a fixed file has been posted there. You can use that as your base.

Heya, thanks for the reply, the fixed file didnt address my issue but found a patch that did and got rid of brexit... have you any idea how to change subs for the premier league in the advanced rules section.... i can easily change it for the domestic cups but "round defaults" is not coming up on premier league.

Would appreciate any advice on this

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The subs rules are in a different place for cups and competitions.

The cup ones are under Round defaults as you saw. For leagues: Go to Premier Division >> Stages >> Stage 0 - League >> League Settings

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