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Hi lads. Please be aware that this "issue" is from the Beta rather than the full game, but I haven't seen it reported anywhere so thought I would leave the decision up to you. 

I am managing Brondby IF in Denmark. 

I have a striker, (Eriksen), who has won the European Golden Boot on 3 occasions but is only valued at £3.4M, (which is reasonable because he's not amazing to look at), but nobody at all has been interested in him. There have been comments about him moving to China at the end of his contract, but not even a suggestion of anyone paying money for him. It doesn't seem right to me. 


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1 hour ago, Ben Kenney said:

Thanks for the save @Jimbokav1971 

We have something similar logged which is being looked into by the development team. Will pass on your example too. 

Odd that he hasn't been capped by Denmark either so will take a look at that too. 



He's featured in the friendly games that they don't award Caps for I think. 

Yeah, 1 off bench in 2006/07 &1 off bench in 2007/08. I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong exactly. 

Thanks for taking a look anyway. :thup:

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