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Manager Backstory


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I know FM21 has only just come out but i'd like to see in a future version the development of a manager backstory. As it stands when you set up your manager you choose their reputation and coaching badges and that is it. I'd like to see a bit of backstory development, even if it is randomly generated.


For example, at the moment if you say you are a former worldwide famous manager there are no details about which clubs you used to play for. I'd like to see a mostly randomly generated player history. Maybe we could choose a club that we have played for in our 'playing career' and a few other clubs get added randomly. Maybe even choose a playing position?  This could be evolved further in that you have an increased chance of being appointed manager of a club you played for, or you have increased coaching stats related to which ever position you played. Similarly you could have reduced chance of being appointed manager of a team if you 'played' for a rival club. No, Man Utd fan is going to want to see a Man City player as manager! Young managers maybe have their playing career cut short by injury and older managers could work their way back down football period until retiring. A random foreign club generating could increase adaptability skill or give you a starting boost to a language. I don't think managers need to choose any of the above and actually think that random generation may be the most entertaining way.


This would add some depth to the manager history. Who wouldn't like to see a brief playing history that stated your manager started their career at Nottingham Forest academy, before going out on loan to clubs such as Boston Utd, Stevenage and Lincoln City. Following the loan spell at Lincoln the 'player' got a big money move from Forest to West Ham and after a few years moved to Liverpool before a serious injury ended their playing career at the age of 30. It adds some further personal investment in the career.


Look forward to hearing feedback.

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