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I am not sure whether you know this problem but I am having a slight problem.


I manage one country.

Find a player to pick (eg. Lionel Messi in Argentina)

Call up the player or put him in the backup list (is it right? I am not sure is this correct in english lol)


-----------------No problem--------------------------

but, when I make changes to player, than suddenly the player not only drop from the call up list but also from the back up list.


For example, if I change  Leo Messi CA/PA to 200/200, then Leo Messi just dropped from the call up list.


Also not just the player dropped but also the AI will 'think' that I dropped him and get angry about it. 


It also happened after all the call up is done, and cannot be changed unless the injury happen before the match.



I find out that Position change (like midfielder 18 to 20) or ability change (Off the ball 16->19) does not dropped the player 


but CA change dropped the player.


Plz fix this problem

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