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Contract extensions are poorly managed.

For example, at the end of the first year, players of a certain reputation (international and/or with real potential) are available. Their respective club does not offer a renewal to the player with an important and/or star role.


Moreover, the club puts the player on the transfer list at a lower cost.

For example, the club will put the player on the transfer list at a lower cost.


It is too easy to make a deal, even with a club with a lesser reputation.

Do you think you can make a correction to make it more realistic ?

Thank you for your work :)



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  • SI Staff

Hi @Batigoal__l

Could you please let me know if you had started your game on the PRB or full release yesterday. 

There was an issue with Donnaruma's contract in the PRB which should have been resolved for yesterdays release. 

If a player refuses to sign a new contract and has a short time left on the contract then the AI may look to offload the player in order to get money for them. Although I agree with you that the Milik fee is too low in your example. 



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