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vor 2 Minuten schrieb gangsta_m4m00d:

Hi im having the same issue as mayhem, it has only started happening AFTER the update and on two separate saves before the update i didnt have this issue as now im also stuck on the awaiting media reaction page

When you click on continue does the game still stuck or continue?

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  • 6 months later...

Mine is quite serious - it has just gone to Awaiting Media Response and has been cycling on that for nearly 15 minutes now. The rest of the screen is inaccessible and blacked/greyed out. It doesn't happen a lot but this is spoiling the game

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On 07/12/2020 at 14:25, John Kendall-Torry said:

Hi  @Mayhem

You still getting stuck with the awaiting media message or you getting stuck on a different screen?


Stuck on the Awaiting Media message - the rest of the screen is inaccessible.

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