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Hi Devs 

It is awfully a struggle using the Set Pieces Creator. it lacks positional structure and editing simplicity. 

I have different positions taking set pieces (CB taking corners, CM taking throw ins etc), however this disrupts the structure of my set piece attacking positions.

When taking corners against opposition I always want 3 people at SB Position, 2 people outside the box and the rest inside the box. 

however this structure is always disrupted when a person assigned at SB Position is taking corner as this results in 2 people are SB Position

In the game there should be a basic structure players should follow for example always have 3 at SB Position when taking corners against opposition despite who the corner taker is.

The problem is that it makes me vulnerable to counter attackers



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On 24/11/2020 at 07:08, CJ Ramson said:

Thanks for the feedback, we will keep this in mind for future iterations

Please help! Am I doing defending corners wrong in set pieces? Please look at my video, I setup my tactic, then I click on setting it up for my 2nd tactic, when I go back to my first tactic, the players have moved?

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Is this going to be fixed this year? Its infuriating that even in your own tactics you set them up and later on find your DRL is the player is now the player who is set to stay forward.

This game is a mess with stuff like this. Seriously how hard is it to have positions work across tactics?!? I can understand if its for players in totally different positions but how on earth does the game put defenders in place of strikers?

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